Amy Rule

10 things you need to know about Windows 10

Every time there’s a technological advance everyone seems to go crazy. And it’s no different with the creation of Windows 10. If you’re excited about what this new update has to offer, here’s everything you need to know..

1. It’s free!
Until July 2016, users with a genuine copy of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 can upgrade to Windows 10 for no cost at all

2. An old Windows favourite has returned
The start button is back! This was changed a couple of versions ago but has now been adapted and brought back with a modern twist

3. Though we say goodbye to another…
This update bids sad farewell to a Windows favourite, Internet Explorer. The web browser will be taking a backseat while the latest browser, Edge, takes over. It’s an end of an era for Windows users

4. Consistency
Windows 10 is consistent across all Windows devices and is designed to fit all screen sizes. What could be better?

5. Switching is easier
It’s now easier to switch from using your finger on tablet mode to using the keyboard on desktop. All you have to do is connect or disconnect the keyboard using a feature called Continuum. Perfect if you’re using Windows 10 here, there and everywhere!

6. You get an assistant!
Cortana assistant has raised her game too. She can now help you create new appointments or answer any questions you may have with just a quick search of the web

7. Write on screen
You can use a stylus (or your finger of course!), which is super handy for annotating articles and saving them online for you to share

8. Easier to read online
Reading articles online has become a different process with Windows 10. It gets rid of adverts or pictures creating an interruption-free piece of writing

9. Stream your games
Windows 10 and Xbox One are compatible. You can stream and play games from Xbox One on any tablet or desktop using the Windows 10 platform. Plus, the update brings with it even better graphics for all those gamers out there!

10. And last but not least…
Windows 10 sees the addition of Windows Hello and Passport, which could be the most exciting feature of the update. Windows will now be able to use sensors through ‘Hello’ to identify your voice, fingerprints and even your face, to unlock and log in to your device. ‘Passport’ is pretty much ‘Hello’ for the web, meaning that you can sign in to social media accounts or emails without entering a password. This should make your details a lot safer and there will no passwords stored on your laptop

Welcome to the world Windows 10!