Steve White

13 reasons why Email Marketing is still as relevant as Social Media Marketing

As social media marketing grows in size and power, there have been worried whispers that email marketing isn’t as relevant as it once was. Here at Red C, we know that these rumours are rubbish. But to help put your mind at rest, here are 13 reasons why email marketing is as relevant and powerful as ever:

1 Wide audience reach

With email marketing you can reach a wide audience almost instantaneously. It also gives recipients an opportunity to act immediately. The way in which it differs from social media is that mostly companies rely on potential reach, which means people need do not only acknowledge your communication for themselves, but then pass it on for others to see. In short, social media relies on people to pass on your content where as with email marketing, everyone you want to reach, will be reached.

2 Stay visible for longer

Social media feeds refresh by the second. So your content is likely to get lost in the noise very quickly. Whereas with email marketing, your email is less likely to get lost as quickly as it would on social media, and will be marked as unread until your recipient gets chance to read it.

3 Easy to track results

Email marketing has a number of solid metrics that marketers have been using for years. These include open rate, click through rate, unsubscribes, forwards etc. Besides that, a simple formula in a spreadsheet can show you the monetary value of each of your email subscribers.

4 Get immediate results

Besides the ease of tracking the results, emails also provide them to you immediately. This might be especially beneficial for small businesses where each sale can have a significant impact. Email marketing gives you the opportunity to track how different campaigns are performing shortly after you send them out.

5 Strengthen relationships

If you want to strengthen relationships with your customers you have to make sure you use an effective tool for it. It is crucial to communicate with the people who are interested and matter most to your business. Email marketing does not only help you find the customers that are already interested in your brand, but also target them with the relevant information that might make them feel welcomed and included. Social media marketing is often much less targeted, and therefore less effective.

6 Ignoring requires more effort

As well as your content getting lost in the noise of social media, it’s also much more likely to be ignored. Scrolling past a post takes less effort than it would to delete an email, so recipients are more likely to take a second look at the email that’s sitting in their inbox.

7 Can be highly customised

Using your customer database, emails can be customised with the specific data you’ve collected. You can also target recipient groups based on their gender, income, postcode etc. Customised and personalised marketing results in much higher engagement than generic marketing, which can be more difficult to implement in social media marketing.

8 Minimal resources needed

Email campaigns can be implemented and executed with minimal software, hardware and personnel investments. This can get you started quickly, regardless of your level of marketing experience.

9 Use of integration

Email marketing also works very nicely along social media channels. If you are not using them alongside each other, you might be missing out on a great opportunity. By encouraging people to visit your social media channels within your emails and vice versa you can increase your customer base in both marketing channels, and ensure the information you are pushing is reached by an even larger audience. There are a few great examples of these in our WOW Books – have a read through them for inspiration.

10 Promotions are welcomed

Social media channels and emails are perceived very differently. For example Facebook and Twitter are places where people connect and interact with their friends rather than purchase goods and services. Email, on the other hand, is more personal, and because we’ve grown used to receiving promotional items through this channel, newsletters from brands are more welcomed and more often actioned upon.

11 Saves time

Once you learn how to work with email marketing and get some experience in this area you can save a lot of time by putting together a plan or even an email template which will help you reach your audience with your emails in less time. You can save time on reaching out to your clients by sending emails to a wide audience while still delivering a relevant and personal message.

12 Increases both website and in store visitors

If you are sending the correct messages to the right audience you can ensure a higher click through rate to your website,and bring more people in-store. You just have to find out what your existing/potential clients are interested in and target them accordingly.

13 Boosts sales

When you have a database of people who are interested in your business and in receiving updates from you, you’ll be able to think differently about how to best target them and if you do it correctly it will help increase your sales throughout the year. To give you an example, according to Exact Target, for every £1 spent, £30.52 is the average ROI for email marketing.