Diana Agop

September WOW Emails

Cover ImageWith the kids heading back to school, September was a student focused month for numerous email campaigns, packed full of social media, useful content and discounts. Even though I won’t be hitting the books this year, as a placement student I enjoyed receiving highly targeted and creative emails in my inbox. Let’s see my top 3.




1. Topman

Subject line: “A cool history lesson”

One of Topman’s emails caught my attention through its intriguing subject line. It made me question how a trendy brand like Topman could come up with a history lesson? A clever piece of copywriting!

As part of the campaign “This Is Denim”, Topman invited subscribers to discover the evolution of Jeans. Topman presented this content in an exciting and interesting manner through cute and quirky illustrations of men wearing jeans in specific periods of times in history, which were backed up with short descriptions. For those interested to see the full piece of work, the “Read the feature” call to action button was clear and distinctive.

The bottom banner of the email was well positioned as it gave customers an opportunity to purchase a pair of jeans and it could be said that Topman used the banner to bring readers back to the present after taking a journey through the history of jeans. This is the kind of nostalgia email hooks customers, not only with the captivating evolution idea, but with the friendly tone and the clean and consistent design which Topshop and Topman are known for – it must be in their genes!

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2. River IslandRiver Island

Subject line: “The most loved pieces as chosen by you…”

If there is a clever way to promote a brand’s social media pages, River Island found it! With the subject line the brand establishes the close relationship River Island has with its current customers and encourages them to discover the “most loved pieces”.

Once you’ve opened the email, you’re welcomed with a sophisticated design, which is easy to scroll through and visually appealing. The urban feel is fitting with the brands stylish image.

Without the use of heavy copy, River Island easily gets across their message. Through the use of gifs and a grid layout, images showcase the most liked, pinned and ‘hearted’ items on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, promoting both the products and social media pages. In order to generate further interaction, the bottom banner invites potential new followers to engage with the brand on its social media sites. This email is a great source of inspiration for a social media email campaign.

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Miss Selfridge

3. Miss Selfridge

Subject line:  “Calling All Students! 20% off just for you…”

This Miss Selfridge email targets students with savings, bloggers and fashion advice. The strong message of a 20% discount dominates the top of the page with an eye-catching pink font, which is expected to develop customer acquisition and generate sales. Surprisingly, the call to action isn’t a “Shop now” button, but “college essentials”, which I think is more engaging from a student perspective.

The second part of the email is a response to the younger generation’s desire to keep up to date on the latest trends. Miss Selfridge presents customers with insight from a fashion blogger, editor and a catwalk model from London Fashion Week. And illustrates them as part of a mathematics equation, which is a really creative piece of added content. Because students are likely to be responsive to endorsements, the email continues with a selection of recommended items from the professionals. This is displayed in a well-structured design, with quotes in sophistication fonts making them look more credible.

Instagram is also a main feature of the email, which is appropriate for the audience’s well-known preoccupation with following influential people.  For those lucky enough to continue scrolling down the email, an additional £10 off is offered through a promotional code, which is a nifty tool to enhance loyalty.

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