Lorna Mowbray

3 of the Best Social Media Campaigns of 2015 (so far)…

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat… I could go on and on listing the social media sites and apps floating around. Marketers are increasingly using these platforms as a way of reaching their target audience. With millions of us hastagging and ‘liking’ everyday it would appear to be a concrete strategy. It may only be August but campaigns from 3 global companies have already caught my eye this year.

Coca Cola: Choose to Smile

Can you remember the first thing you learned? Because if you think it was to crawl, walk or talk, you’d be wrong according to Coca Cola. The first thing we learn is to smile. To kick start Coca Cola’s #choosehappiness campaign they launched a social media ad ‘choose to smile’, with footage of babies and young children laughing and smiling. Say cheese! The ad taps into consumer emotions, which is a powerful marketing tool. The smiling faces also hold a meaningful and engaging message, encouraging viewers to “choose life with a smile” and share their happiness around the world. The ad received over six million YouTube views in just over a week.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF): #LastSelfie

Snapchat’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years and is worth an incredible $10 billion. Because of this, in 2015 the charity organisation WWF launched a campaign via the social app to boost the awareness of endangered animals. The hashtag #LastSelfie was also created to generate conversation across all social media sites.

Selfies disappear off Snapchat after 10 seconds and WWF used this to illustrate the disappearance of endangered species. According to Tuba Ugur, Communications Officer for WWF, “The urgency to act and Snapchat’s dynamic were the perfect match to disseminate our message for species”.

WWF pulled on the heartstrings of animal lovers, including myself. The campaign was creative and highly engaging, targeting people’s emotions with a powerful message. #LastSelfie tweets hit 40,000 in just one week and the campaign reached 120 million Timelines which means %50 of all active Twitter users were exposed the #LastSelfies. It’s clear that WWF social media presence isn’t in danger of becoming extinct any time soon!

Dominos: Tweet-to-Eat

Who doesn’t love a cheeky emoji? They’re becoming a fixed part of our daily lives and now Dominos are taking advantage of this on-trend way of communicating. The little characters can express an emotion, idea or concept and even tell a story. Dominos are asking customers to make their orders through Twitter using a pizza emoji, with the aim of providing customers with flexibility when connecting with the brand.

Ordering through Twitter creates exposure for the pizza company with every purchase and generates conversation with customers, which I think is a great social media tactic. A quick tweet to @Dominos with a pizza emoji, and soon you will be enjoying your delicious meal. But first you have to sign up for a Domino’s Pizza Profile on their website and sign up for a Domino’s Pizza Profile, then select an “Easy Order” pizza. It may sound like a lot of effort but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more and more cheesy pizza emojis popping up on social media sites.

With only 4 months of 2015 left, the countdown is on for brands to make an impact on the social media world this year and join these 3 social media whizzes.