Stuart Clark

5 TV adverts that prove cats and dogs are quite dull

Our creative director has got a thing for cats. And our new copywriter is obsessed with dogs, her own to be precise. Well I’ve got news for both of them. Cats and dogs suck. Cats make me sneeze and wheeze and go all blotchy about the face, while dogs… well, dogs just smell. Yeah, they’re loyal and good for playing ‘fetch’ with, but above all, they stink.

Essentially, there are far more interesting animals out there, and quite frankly, far more interesting animal-based TV adverts too. Take a look:

Epic Elephunk –

As if to prove my point from the off, that dogs aren’t all that special, have binned off canine-monikered rapper, Snoop for their new TV ad. Instead, the start of the show is a head-nodding elephant that swaggers down the street to the funky sounds of Cameo’s ‘Word Up’. Let’s be clear, if you were trying to demonstrate just how epic someone feels having saved money on their car insurance, you wouldn’t show a man riding a cat or a dog. That would be rubbish.

Hump Day – Geico

Sticking with the insurance-theme, this 2013 TV advert from US insurers, Geico, also stars an animal as a visual gag for how brilliant customers feel when they save money on their premiums. But guess what? The animal star isn’t a selfish, meowing, moaning cat, or a goofy, dumb, slobbering dog. No, it’s a cool-as-you-like camel…ok, a bit of an annoying camel, but a funny one nonetheless. And remember, a camel would carry you across the blistering hot desert if you asked it too. Hard to imagine your faithful friend or furry feline being that useful.

DirectTV – Opulence

It’s a pretty straightforward concept this TV ad: ludicrously wealthy man still appreciates the big discount on his cable television. So far, so so. But what’s the part of the ad that you remember, the bit that sticks in your mind long after you’ve finished watching it? Yep, Mr Super-rich kissing the miniature giraffe. It wouldn’t work with a cat or a dog… only with an interesting, unusual animal, like a giraffe.

Cadburys – Gorilla

One of the most famous TV adverts of the past decade and not a dog or cat in sight. This 2007 spot for Cadburys, featured no scrawny felines or yappy canines but the king of the jungle himself. A heavy-breathing, nostril-flaring, drum-pounding, bad-boy of a gorilla. Quite what the ad was trying to say is anyone’s guess. But sometimes all that matters is that you make something entertaining and people like it.

Guardian – 3 Little Pigs

This brilliantly-written, superbly executed TV advert for British newspaper, The Guardian, features two animals forever immortalised in a fairytale. But there’s a twist. Dramatising the idea that there are numerous sides to every story – and that the Guardian exposes them all – the advert features three pigs and a dead wolf. That’s right, a dead wolf. Even in death, a wolf is still more engaging than a cat or a dog.

I rest my case.