Stuart Clark

7 response-boosting tips from a TV Advertising Agency

TV Advertising is a big investment. So it’s important you utilise as many tips and tricks as possible to make sure you get a good return on investment. Here’s some essential tips from our TV Advertising Agency experts with regards making your TV or DRTV advert more responsive.

Have a strong call to action

The purpose of your 30-second DRTV advert will almost certainly be to encourage customers to make an enquiry, either by calling your phone number to request additional information, a catalogue for example, or by visiting your website to find out more. So it’s important that you make your call to action a clear one. If you have a phone number or website you want the viewer to memorise there and then, make sure it is on screen for as long as possible, preferably all the way through the advert.

Be smart with on screen graphics

Using onscreen graphics gives you an opportunity to support your main message with reasons to believe your proposition. For example, if you’re selling fashion, the size range your garments are available in. Or if you’re selling financial services you could use captions to elaborate on the amount of cover available. The simple rule is always use graphics to add to the voiceover, rather than simply amplify it.

Run press ads alongside your TV ads

30 seconds is very little time to sell anything in complete detail, so you’re aiming for enquiries rather than straight out purchases. One way to work around this problem is to run press ads at the same, or even to encourage customers to look out for your press adverts in their favourite publications. So while your DRTV advert might ask viewers to call or click for more information, your press adverts may go into much greater and much more persuasive detail about what you’re selling.

Think one single-minded message

Consider the fact that your DRTV ad will likely be sandwiched between 6 or 7 other TV ads when it airs. That’s a lot of audio-visual clutter for your audience to take in. A useful way for your advert to have standout is to keep your messaging to a minimum. Remember, this simple rule: each time you add a message it reduces the importance of all the other messages. And likewise, every time you remove a message, you make what’s left more important, and easier to understand. Simple is powerful.

Maintain the audio-visual balance

A TV advert is both an audio and visual experience. This gives you great opportunities to create something that is a real feast for the senses. But it can be overwhelming too. You are usually asking an already distracted viewer to take in visual action, a voiceover and a musical soundtrack – that’s a lot of elements vying for attention. So to avoid overwhelming your viewer, adopt this simple formula: if you have a lengthy, wordy voice-over, keep your visuals simple. If your visuals are busy and there is a lot going on onscreen then keep your voiceover short and snappy for maximum impact.

Solve the last five seconds of your TV advert

The last five seconds of your ad should be where you really drill home precisely what message you want the viewer to recall. So one way to start the concepting process is to begin at the end. What’s the pay-off at the end of the ad? What image do you want the viewer to take away from it? What’s the end frame going to look like? Sometimes starting with a strong message and working backwards is a good way to end up with powerfully effective advert.

Create a strong visual hook

There are a lot of TV adverts being broadcast at any one time, so it’s competitive. And often you are competing against other companies from the same sector. Take mail order fashion, for example. There could be as many as twenty fashion DRTV adverts being broadcast at any one time. The basic format of a fashion advert – woman or women posing/acting while looking fabulous in their outfits – doesn’t vary greatly from brand to brand. So how can you give your advert the necessary standout? One way is to consider adopting a distinct visual style, something your brand and your brand alone can own, and something that gets you instantly noticed the first time your ad is seen, and recalled each time it is viewed after that. Neon colours, line drawings, animations, a famous visual style from the past… the possibilities are endless, just keep it fresh and keep it relevant.