Lorna Mowbray

August WOW Emails

Even though autumn is fully underway, I thought I’d bring a little sunshine to October with 3 enticing and creative emails that wowed me back in August. Enjoy!





1. Nars
Subject line: ‘By Invitation Only’

This NARS cosmetics email instantly caught my attention with the subject line, ‘By Invitation Only’. The exclusive message made me feel special and intrigued me to find out what offers I had the
privilege of getting that other customers didn’t. The simple and monochrome design made the email purely product focussed. The copy was short but informative, explaining the exclusive access to the new product, with the aim of encouraging a click through.

NARS produced an easy to read and easy on the eye email. It was refreshing to open a clutter-free email compared to many of the promotions that land in my inbox.






2. Urban Outfitters

Subject line: Win £250 with your best Instagram shots

Instagram is a fun and creative way to share pictures with friends, and so it makes sense for the trendy clothing retailer Urban Outfitters to team up with the app. As a regular Insta snapper and filter user, the offer and competition stood out to me, as it will for many of their target audience. This is a clever and cute strategy for generating conversation amongst customers and raising brand awareness.

Within the email, the ‘UO Community’ header and hashtag #UOEurope emphasises that as a valued customer they can join the conversation. Also, the imagery throughout the email was relevant, attractive and gave customers an idea of what they can do for the competition.

Urban Outfitters has put a fun spin on their promotions by focusing on customer involvement instead of simply pushing products and discounts.









3. Selfridges

Subject line: Your long weekend wardrobe

The final August WOW Email I’ve chosen is by department store giants, Selfridges. Their email was highly targeted. The headline ‘Your Long Weekend Wardrobe’ was cute as not only was it sent ready for bank holiday weekend, but the layout was long too! The clean and attractive design was also very attractive when I scrolled through. As a piece of added value content, Selfridges categorised the types of bank holidays that customers may be going on and what items would be ideal for them. This was also a persuasive way to convince customers that they should head to Selfridges.com to enjoy the weekend even more. The use of light, pastel colours gave customers one last summer feeling.

Let’s see what autumn has in store for our inboxes.