Stuart Clark

Bensons for Beds Video Infographic

As part of our content marketing strategy for Bensons for Beds we devised several ways to gain quality inbound links to their website. One of these ways was through an informative ‘Brief History of the Bed’ video infographic.

Any project like this needs to start with research. So we understood there was a need to create such a video infographic and support this with a content rich landing page. Red C undertook all the research required to script the infographic and write the actual landing page before producing a range of style setters to hand over to the animation house.

To bring the history of the bed to life we needed to team up with a talented bunch of animators. Step forward Kilogramme based in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. They took on Red C’s style setters and script and helped us develop a fun piece of animation that’s also educational too.

The soundtrack to the video infographic required something special. We wanted a piece of music that would represent all ages of the bed and at the same time feel seamless. Step forward The Composer Works at MediaCityUK and its composer Heather Fenoughty who devised a fluid piece of music that starts 10,000 years ago and brings us to the present day in just over a minute.

Speaking about the finished infographic, Red C’s Managing Director and Creative Director, Julian Gratton, commented: “The final infographic for Bensons for Beds is the perfect example of collaborative filmmaking. Starting out with a simple powerful idea and utilising the talents of Manchester’s finest animators and composers it engages, informs and positions Bensons as the experts in beds and sleep”.