Julian Gratton

Choosing the right TV Advertising Agency for your project

Creating a TV Advert, DRTV Commercial or Online Video sounds glamorous. In truth they all involve a lot of hard work, long hours, leaps of faith, trust and clarity. Which is why it’s important you have the right people on your side from the very start.

Whether you’re embarking on your very first production or you’re an old hat when it comes to TV. You’ll find this list of tips essential when it comes to selecting the right TV Advertising Agency or TV Production Company to work on your next project.

1. Understanding your business, objectives and customers

Lets face it. You’re not embarking on the expense of a TV production just so you have something pretty to show people. You have objectives to achieve. You’re not spending money so a Director has something cool for his/her reel or the agency can win some awards. Everything the TV Advertising Agency and Production Company does is to achieve your end goal… so make sure they ask you the right questions and that you feel that your goal is the thing that everyone is striving to achieve.

In addition, make sure they demonstrate that they understand not only your business and its objectives but also your customers too. A TV Advert or online film should always have in mind who it is talking to… so it stands to reason that the people working on the production should know who it is too.

2. Exploring creative options to help you achieve stand out

The cost of productions has fallen as has the cost of getting your finished film on TV or online. As a result, the competition to stand out in consumer’s minds has become fierce. So when you are being presented concepts for your production, ask yourself will these ideas stand out from other adverts as well as being right for your target audience and make sure you are presented with a range of options in both style and budget.

There are lots of techniques that can help you do achieve stand out; a catchy piece of music, an inspired piece of casting, a funny or insightful script. If an idea sticks in your mind at concept stage then it’s more than likely it will become stickier as it enters development and production.

3. A team of people you can trust and you get on with

You’re going to be spending a lot of time with the people you hire for your production so you need to make absolutely sure you like them as people and you can trust them. Don’t be afraid to ask for references from previous Clients, or ask about how they have handled problematic issues that have arisen on previous productions (If they say there have never been any, they are lying).

Remember it is your money everyone is spending so you have to feel comfortable that the people spending it are operating to your own high standards.

4. Clarity when it comes to money

It’s easy to let a TV budget run away with you. So make sure the team you hire are prepared to give you total clarity. Budget breakdowns, mark-ups, crew overtime charges, cast usage, submission to stations… make sure everything that could possibly be charged to you is presented to you up front either as solidified costs or estimates.

5. Commitment to you and your production

Consistency is key to making a successful and quality production. The last thing you want to happen is for personnel to change mid-way through your job so it’s important to guarantee that the people you originally sign up to do the job with will be with you until the project is completed. You don’t want to be bringing people up to speed on the eve of shooting something that is costing tens of thousands of pounds!

6. Added value

Everyone loves something for free. And given how much a TV Advert or online video can cost, there’s no shame in asking both the TV Advertising Agency and Production Company what added value they’ll be giving you… A making-of or behind the scenes video is the obvious thing. But a good creative agency can devise you something that adds value to your project, product, service or brand! Just don’t be afraid to ask them!