Julian Gratton

Cottages4you TV Advert

Creating an effective TV advert and press campaign for Cottages4you that stands out from any other holiday advert.

Cottages4you approached Red C to create them a TV advert with a difference. They wanted a holiday TV advert that wouldn’t go down the traditional holiday imagery angle, but would set them apart from their competitors by showcasing why people take a cottage holiday.

We conducted some research as to why people take a cottage holiday and what exactly are the reasons that people book. Once we’d gathered our insights we developed a range of concepts to present back to the client.

After several weeks of script and concept development we were ready to film the TV advert at a variety of locations throughout England. Production duties were handled by Velvet, with direction by Phil Taylor and post production work by 422 of Manchester. To give the advert a memorable soundtrack, the UK band Urusen were approached to for an instrumental version of one of their songs.

The advert really set Cottages4you apart from any other holiday company that was advertising at the time, and helped them exceed their booking target. As well as the TV advert, we also produced several press adverts and posters featuring key imagery from the advert, which was shot at the same time as the filming was done.