Megan Sharp

December WOW Emails

1. Next 

Subject line: ‘’Our Christmas guarantee just for you…’’

Date: 1st December 2016

I absolutely loved this Christmas campaign from Next. At such a busy, and sometimes stressful time of the year, Next promised customers that if they didn’t receive their order before Christmas, it would be theirs for free!

Following the reminder of the ‘Christmas guarantee’, there was also strong call to actions for all departments in order to encourage customers to take advantage of the guarantee straight away.

I thought this timely email was a great way to strengthen Next’s brand loyalty and get customers to choose them over other brands.

Well done Next!

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2. Miss Selfridge 

Subject line: ‘’Free eyelashes anyone? *wink wink*’’

Date: 20th December 2016

There was more than one reason why this email from Miss Selfridge wowed me.

The email was perfectly timed ready for Christmas party season. The main section of the email was a showcase of style suggestions. I love how Miss Selfridge grouped different outfits together – there was a look for everyone. They also matched each outfit with different types of makeup. These style tips made the email much more engaging than typical product focused emails.

What’s more the email also offered me the chance to claim free Eylure lashes! That was my Christmas party look sorted in just a few clicks.

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Miss Selfridge


Subject line: ‘’On the 24th day of Christmas, ASDA sent to me’’ 

Date: 24th December 2016

For ASDA’s Christmas campaign, they sent a series of different emails with ‘scratch off’ prizes to be used in store or online. The focus of the emails was to drive customers through to a landing page with the call to action ‘reveal now’. When you clicked through, customers could ‘scratch off’ the prizes using their mouse curser or touching their phone screen.

‘20% off home today only’ is an example of the prizes on offer.

What’s more, the subject line for each email was a play on words of the popular Christmas song ‘12 days of Christmas’, which helped ASDA stand out in my inbox.

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