Diana Agop

December WOW Emails

I love Christmas and last year lots of highly targeted emails landed in my inbox as an extra festive treat. Let’s journey back to 2015 as I remind you of some engaging December emails to bring back the season’s sparkling spirit.

email 1


Subject line: Still got some gifts to buy? 25% off only today‏

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My inbox was filled with inspirational emails containing gift suggestions. From a marketing perspective, this is a great idea, as you may catch your customer’s attention with timely pieces of content. The gift email from Menslook did just this.

Firstly, the email was very effective in terms of clickability, showcasing a clear navigation menu. The header panel was Christmas themed and accompanied by an offer which created a sense of urgency with its time limit. The CTA’s through the email stood out, particularly the header call to action “Don’t miss out” which I believe is more effective and prominent compared to sale-focused buttons like ‘Buy now”.  As I scrolled down the email, further engaging content was revealed, alongside minimal and playful copy and the design itself was attractive with a clear white background and a nice contrast of bold and narrow fonts.


email 2



House of Fraser

Subject line: Festive preparations | Celebrate Advent in your Home

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This House of Fraser email was full of Christmas cheer. The header “Mi casa, mi casa” – meaning my home, was a good way of engaging customer emotions and drawing their attention.

The email consists of a great series of added value elements – short how-to video guides, which are pieces of content not directly relating to the sale but valued by the reader. I really enjoyed the first video which was showcased as an animated gif, teasing random shoots of the actual how-to guide to encourage click throughs.

This email stood out in my inbox as it wasn’t heavily sale focused, a nice break from other emails at this time of year. The first part was primarily focused on added-value, no mention of any products. There is a shy mention of some items at the bottom but without any direct sales approach.


email 3

New Look

Subject line: OMG! Santa’s coming!‏

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For an email both pleasing to the eye and highly sales driven, this is a great pick!

First of all, the lively subject line catches the eye through a playful tone encouraging readers to open the email.

Regarding the email’s content, it showcased the season’s products and offered suggestions of what to wear at Christmas. With a brief piece of copy for each of the days, this email had a great structure which made it easy to digest.  The multiple CTA’s tailored for each of the occasions are clearly-defined and well-positioned, too.

Another section which is worth noticing is the gift inspiration, which presents a variety of options for different categories through a series of gif images. These fun visuals highlight the #NLadvent competition. New Look also told customers about their gift card & e-gift facility, outlined in a stunning sparkling blue frame – a clever added touch to drive sales.

Overall, it was a balanced email, blending sales messages and engaging content.