Marianne Hoy

February WOW emails

Every February my inbox is flooded with Valentine’s Day emails. So it always makes a refreshing change when I receive emails that aren’t overflowing with love hearts and romantic messages. Here are my favourite non-lovey dovey emails of February.

1. Debenhams – ‘Get ready for your 6am start

This postcard email from Debenhams served two purposes: to remind customers of the huge sale and persuade customers to shop early.

What I liked most about this email is its simplicity. Debenhams displayed the main discounts clearly in the header panel, which was designed like an arrow to encourage readers to scroll down.

In the body of the email, Debenhams asked the question ‘why wait for tomorrow?’ This persuasive copy encouraged customers to fill their shopping baskets before the sale to avoid any disappointment on the day. This was a clever marketing tactic to drive customers to visit the website, both before and on sale day. I wonder how many customers resisted?

2. Monsoon –  ‘Off to the races?

A great example of how to tap into customer needs and lifestyle choices through email marketing is this ‘A Day at the Races’ email from Monsoon.

With race day season fast approaching, this email was well timed and highly engaging for customers who would be going to the races in spring or summer. Having a question as their subject line urged customers to open and look inside, where they’d find different race day bundles. The three outfit bundles were styled for a particular event, such as the Grand National, making shopping easier for the customer. Each section of the email had a border, which was designed with the same pattern as the outfit – I thought this was a nice touch. And if the three main outfits didn’t appeal to readers, the dresses in the footer acted as a last-ditch effort to engage with customers. The email was also a great way of showing Monsoon’s extensive product range.

3. Miss Selfridge – ‘Jumpers for every temperature

I love this email from Miss Selfridge. It addressed the unpredictable February weather that we all encounter at this time of year. The email was all about knits with useful style tips and advice for the season.

At the top of the email, there was a simple navigation guiding readers to the desired areas of the website. Below was a fun and captivating hero shot with the headline ‘Knit to fit’, which immediately caught my attention.

But the focal point of the email was a huge thermometer that paired different temperatures with an appropriate jumper to wear, and was accompanied by a large CTA to encourage customers to shop. This was an engaging piece of content and a different way of leading the reader down the email to view all the products.