Diana Agop

February WOW Emails

February may seem like a distant memory but love is still in the air here at Red C… we’re looking back at last month’s most attractive emails. From romantic subject lines to sizzling hot content, my inbox was hit with cupid’s arrow. Here my top three engaging emails, that I fell in love with.

email 1.3Topshop

Subject line: Get you date-night look down‏

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Let’s start with my favourite February email from Topshop. It wasn’t a typical Topshop email campaign aimed at increasing sales – there were only two sales focused CTA buttons! Instead, the idea behind the email was creating cute content marketing for customers, which was the reason I loved it.

As a Topshop customer, I was delighted to discover three Valentine’s Day outfit styles inspired from a series of famous rom-com movies, which were even matching three possible date circumstances – for all tastes!

Even with the standout images and bold fonts, the email flowed nicely thanks to the “xoxo” graphics across the whole email. The informal tone of voice in the short and playful paragraphs made the email more effective and its messages memorable.


 email 2Sephora

Subject line: Products we love for date night‏

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One thing that I enjoyed about this email is that despite the urgency in one of the email’ messages ‘last day to earn 3X points’, the subject line was cute and didn’t pressure me to open, I could go at my own pace.

As I scrolled down the email, the best selling Valentine’s Day products were revealed. Sephora used a numbered layout to guide me through the email.

The headers were the standout element of this email. Straightaway they caught my attention with relevant copy in a large, romantic font, on top of the simple, white background. The use of a minimalist design was a refreshing take on Valentine’s Day and made the content more attractive.

Another strong point of the email was the clever placement CTAs, that are well positioned in close proximity with the related products making it very effective in terms of clickability. The last detail that completed the set of “WOW” features of this email, were the artistic sketches, again wooing me as I scrolled.





Virgin Trainsemail 3

Subject line: Hello, is it deals you’re looking for?

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Virgin Trains invited customers to have a  “Love-a-fair” with them this Valentine’s Day. Not only was the email highly targeted, it cleverly integrated the Valentine’s Day theme without being too cheesy.

The email’s design illustrated the branding clearly, with a red background and white text, plus added sparkling stars for a romantic touch.

The copy was friendly from subject line to CTA’s. The sequence of the copy “book once, book twice, book three times” creates a sense of excitement and encourages customer loyalty. It’s safe to say, Virgin Trains made it easy for me to fall for them on Valentine’s Day.