Amy Rule

Five Ways to Spur On Your Social Media Strategy

If you’re looking for some inspiration to improve your social media strategy, you’re in luck! I’ve got 5 ways…

1. Follow the 80/20 rule

The 80/20 rule dictates that 80% of your content should be a variety of non promotional content, like memes or videos, while the remaining 20% can be content specific to your brand or business.

It should not be all about you though. Shouting about your brand 24/7 can make you look as though you have neither the time nor inclination to look at what else is going on. So do a bit of research and share content from other sources that are relevant to your business.

2. Be prepared

It’s important to maintain consistency across your social media platforms; sporadic posting isn’t best practice. Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there to help you schedule posts across the majority of platforms (read all about it here).

While scheduling posts is extremely useful, you should avoid an entirely automated social media presence. Scheduled posts are fine as “filler posts”, but they should be interspersed with current posts to make sure your brand remains up to date, getting involved with current affairs and trending news.

3. Categorise

We all know that social media moves on quickly and trying to keep up can become overwhelming. But there are ways to streamline your process.

On Twitter, you can create lists which enables users to organise the people they follow into groups, allowing you to keep track of relevant and interesting content, and what the influencers in their sector are up to.

4. Focus on relationships

Social media isn’t about pumping content out. It’s about taking the opportunity to create and maintain relationships with customers and influencers through your content. Make sure that you’re actually engaging with your followers to encourage them to stay a follower. By building strong relationships, you’re giving yourself the potential to market to them for years to come.

5. Do your homework

Though it will require some testing, knowing what times are best to post on your social platforms is important. There are plenty of places to do some research on this, like here and here. Posting when your target audience is most likely to notice will boost engagement and coverage, and prevent you from wasting time posting when users are inactive.