Amy Rule

Halloween WOW Emails

Before the holiday season is in full swing lets journey back to October where marketing communications were bursting with scary spiders, creepy cobwebs and frightful ghosts. There was a spooktacular selection of themed emails that landed in my inbox this Halloween… here are my top 3 wickedly WOW emails.





Subject line: Match your mate this Halloween

With a vague but thought provoking subject line, this email from ASOS caught my eye. The email was product heavy but the clear structure meant I wasn’t overwhelmed about where to look upon opening. And the white space and minimal copy let the images do the talking.

Compared to the Topshop email, ASOS sent a sales led message, with CTA buttons such as “Shop new in” and “Shop now”, along with promoting some of their more popular brands and the features of their site.

The animated bats and GIFs throughout added a touch of excitement to the email, making it stand out compared to other Halloween emails I had received, and definitely made it one of my favourites of the month!









2. Lush
Subject line: When there’s something strange in your neighbourhood

No fear… Lush are here! The cosmetics retailer sent out an email with a spooky musical subject line, too, using the theme song of Ghostbusters! How could I resist?

The main reason for this being a WOW email was the copy… short and sweet… creepy and clever – a real scream! With the quirky and fun tone of voice, the email’s messaging was easy to take in and understand. I particularly loved how it was Halloween themed, with cute puns and plays on words.

Because of the copy, the email required little content with just one main image and a clear CTA button. Overall, the email had a very minimalist feel, promoting the Halloween line of products but was engaging and entertaining for the reader.


3. Topshop
Capture2Subject Line: This is Halloween

The subject line of this Topshop email made me smile instead of scream when it appeared in my inbox, as it was reference to my favourite spooky film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. This instant emotional connection led to me open the email straightaway.

The artwork made me think ‘wow’, providing an editorial feel with a black, white and grey colour scheme – perfect for Halloween! And its simple layout effortlessly led me down the email so I wouldn’t miss any important information. The CTA’s throughout this email had less of a sales focus and were instead more intriguing with “Prepare to scare” and “Find your look”, which encouraged me to click through.

The playful font added to the Halloween theme, with bold and memorable titles to highlight what each look was about, incorporating real time trends from SS16 shows and mentioning current popular music artists. The email was fashionable and on trend – in keeping with Topshop’s brand characteristics. Winner!