Stuart Clark

Hollywood actors in bizarre Japanese adverts

These days it’s quite common for us to see a Hollywood star pop up in our advert breaks. But back in the 70s and 80s (and even the 90s) adverts were what Hollywood A-Listers did before they became famous… so being seen in an advert in their home country was not really the done thing… or was something that you did once your career was on the slide.

Yet for an actor between films, the lure of the advertising cash was huge, so many of them headed off to Japan to appear in some quite bizarre adverts. Adverts that they assumed would never be seen by a wider audience… you’ve got to love YouTube haven’t you!

So scroll down, watch and enjoy some of your favourite actors appearing in some very strange adverts.

Charles Bronson – Mandom

This one starring Charles Bronson has to be one of the most bizarre TV adverts I have ever seen. Be warned, it features a semi-naked 50 year old Charles Bronson rubbing himself down while he imagines that he’s firing a gun dressed in a cowboy outfit! I would have loved to have been there when they pitched this one to the actor… or did they just show him a suitcase full of cash.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Alinamin V Energy Drink

Having failed to kill the future leader of the resistance, Arnold jetted off to Japan to star in a series of adverts for a Japanese energy drink. Not happy with inflicting his unique use of the English language on us all, he used this as an opportunity to show the Japanese that he couldn’t grasp their language too. I presume all that gold he is rolling around in at the end of the advert is what they paid him.

Brad Pitt – Edwin Jeans

Something tells me that when Brad Pitt looks back on his career he won’t be looking on this as one of his proudest moments. Still, if you can make money from having a nice ass… credit to you!

Keanu Reeves – Suntory Reserve

So basically, you drink this whiskey and you think your cat has turned into a woman, which you then try to seduce only to send your cat running out of the window. Who better to act out this bizarre scenario than a Bill & Ted era Keanu Reeves who’s an expert at looking befuddled!

Jean-Claude Van Damme – Black Black Gum

I don’t know, one minute you’re surrounded by hot women, the next you have lots of pegs attached to you… then if things couldn’t get any worse you end up with a bomb! It’s as if the creatives at the Japanese advertising agency were thinking “well we’re paying this guy a lot of money, let’s see how stupid we can make him look… oh and get him to do a kick at the end just so people know who it is”.