How watching TV all day made me creative

“Television rots the mind” they say. Well that’s just nonsense, isn’t it? I’d say TV is hands down the most creative outlet on the planet. I can already hear the cries of protest from hardened intellectuals and arty types, but just hear me out a moment…

I was brought up in a rural village in the picturesque Dee Valley in North Wales. I loved growing up there, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world but it was as boring as it was beautiful.

The one true constant in my life was TV. Itwas always there, entertaining me, educating me, showcasing me new music, teaching me new jokes, playing video games with me, opening my eyes to the big world out there and feeding my imagination with crazy dreams and ideas.

It was a combination of boredom and TV that drove me to be creative. As a child my imagination ran wild. I spent countless hours, creating worlds in my head. One minute I was a Ghostbuster jumping into a river of slime, the next I was Michael Owen, dinking it into the top corner at the Kop end of Anfield. This was all in my head as I ran around like a headless chicken in the fields outside my house.

Fast forward to the present day and I’m now one of the fortunate few that is actually being paid to be creative. And more than my art teacher, my parents or John Hegarty, I have to first thank TV as my main source of inspiration.