Amy Rule

January WOW Emails

2016 seems to be flying by, so we thought it’d be a great idea to take a quick pause and rewind back to January for some engaging content inspiration. In the New Year, our inboxes were flooded with lots of ‘fresh start’ emails, so Lorna and I have rounded up our favourites here.

1. Bodenboden3

Subject line: New year = NEW CLOTHES

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With a subject line like this one, I didn’t need telling twice! The minimal copy and white space encourage the imagery to do all the talking with the strong photography catching my eye as soon as I opened the email. I liked the clear, monochromatic theme with a splash of colour, which felt very apt for this time of year. The CTA was very prominent and cleverly positioned above the latest arrivals to the store, making it hard for the reader to resist clicking through, especially with the discount code and freebies highlighted noticeably at the top of the email.

Boden clearly displayed their social links at the bottom of the email, so that a deeper relationship can be easily formed with the brand. The use of informal language such as “Not now January” and “Fancy a natter?” help to create a personality for the brand making them instantly relatable.







2. Soap and Glory

Subject line: Here’s washing you a…

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Soap and Glory love a play on words if this email is anything to go by! The retro imagery used in this email is bang on brand, with the GIF creating excitement and playfulness in celebration of the New Year. There is no CTA in this email, with it being more of a ‘well wisher’ than a hard seller, which similar to Boden, could help to encourage a relationship with the brand. However, the email did have a clear navigation panel, leading customers to their online store and social accounts. The use of complimentary colours makes it a visually pleasing email that definitely brought a smile to my face in the bleak Christmas-less month of January.








3. Topshop

Subject line: The most liked shoes on Instagram

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The concept of this email is fab. From the straightforward subject line, ‘The most liked shoes on Instagram’, I knew I was in for some inspiring email content. Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels at the moment for customers who Topshop will be targeting, and do tying this in with their brand was a smart marketing move.

Not only did the email offer customers style inspiration, it also gave readers added content such as the latest popular trends using Instagram and editorial effect. Like most Topshop emails, the design was clean-cut design and was easy to navigate through.





4. Airbnb

Subect line: Every New Year is a new adventure, Lorna

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If you’re anything like me, one of the things to get through the January blues is the thought of next summer. This is why Airbnb’s email was perfectly timed. The personalised subject line of Airbnb’s email ‘Every New Year is a new adventure, Lorna’ caught my attention straight away and encouraged me to cligk through.

When I opened the email I was greeted with a very cute design. Unlike typical postcard emails, Airbnb showcased their many holiday options customers can choose from, through a journey or pathway style layout. And at the bottom of the email, there was a clear CTA, which used relevant and inspiring copy ‘Start exploring’ – which is exactly what I did!