Georgie Hallgate

June WOW Emails

Content marketing is hot on the lips of marketers right now. And these three emails I received throughout June are a great example of awesome content marketing in practice.

1. Topshop

Subject: Kendall + Kylie have landed

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If you haven’t heard of the Kardashians, where have you been for the past decade?! Siblings Kendall and Kylie have a huge following of fans for each of their individual styles. This June, Topshop wanted to let their customers know that the famous duo’s clothing line had finally reached the stores! The email begins with a large, statement image of the girls followed by links to a behind-the-scenes video, exclusive interview and finally, the collection. The content Topshop has created brilliantly gets customers to engage with the brand in different ways by giving them lots of different things to share with our social channels. Plus, it works as extra content for Topshop’s own social media.

2. Lush

Subject: What if your love was illegal?

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This email’s subject line is a great example of email marketing. Firstly it asks a question, which naturally requires a response. Secondly, the subject is completely off-brand, which will immediately intrigue the recipient. I’d expect to see subject lines like ‘your perfect present’ or ‘give this bath bomb a smell’ from Lush, rather than ‘what if your love was illegal?’ Upon opening the email, they continued being cleverly ambiguous to get customers through to the website in order to learn about their #gayisok campaign. Lush want to raise £250,000 which they will grant to various different LGBT groups who need money to help their efforts towards gay rights. The email tactics certainly had the desired effect on me as I immediately went through to the website upon receiving it, read the various pieces of work about the campaign and as a result, have recently purchased the product.

3. Dreams

Subject Line: Make it the best Father’s Day ever with Dreams

Nothing says ‘I love you Dad’ quite like sending in an embarrassing picture of him having a little afternoon nap. This competition seems almost too good to miss when there is a chance to win 1 of 3 different prizes for your old man! Dreams is using Father’s Day to engage with their customers (old and new), rather than simply using the time of year to only sell their products. Although it’s not the most unique idea for a competition, it’s certainly popular on social media to post embarrassing photos of friends and family members, meaning the competition is likely to be engaged with.