Diana Agop

Let it snow with Christmas ads

With Christmas just around the corner, advertisers are very busy trying to stand out from the flurry of festive campaigns. I’ve been looking forward to the holiday period for a while now and have been keeping my eye out for Christmassy ads. The first one I spotted was an M&S email in the beginning of October, a bit early compared to other years; however, Barclays annual Christmas Survey found that 77 % of UK retailers stated they are “more confident” on their festive season success compared to the last year.

And it’s not just retailers that have been getting into the festive spirit early… here at Red C we’ve been having Christmas hat fun for a few months now! Here’s a sackful of my favourite ads with heart-warming stories and creative concepts.

John Lewis – ‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas’

Once again, the highly anticipated John Lewis Christmas ad made its way into the hearts of the nation. The “show someone they’re loved this Christmas” message stirred people’s emotions in the hope of an ‘aww’ response. The ad tells the story of Lily, a little girl who spots a man on the moon as she stares through the family telescope. Lily feels for the man who appears to be all alone up there. So she becomes determined to give him something for Christmas and show him that someone is thinking of him. The soundtrack for a John Lewis ad is always a big deal too, this year they chose a cover of Oasis’s ‘Half the World Away’, which makes the story even stronger.

Argos – #JustCantWait

Argos took a different route compared to other retailers by promoting its delivery service, rather than the emotional Christmas aspect. The snowy mountain setting accompanied by skiers, snowboarders and snowbuggies piled with gifts made the ad stand out. The energetic soundtrack with the quick changes from one shot to another creates an action packed advert which generates a sense of urgency for the customer. I also liked the emphasis on the red colour smoke that follows the snowboarders throughout ad and creates a sense of brand identification.

Sainsbury’s – Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Far from the emotional First World War related Christmas ad from last year, Sainsbury’s 2015 Christmas ad takes on a new concept. The ad is an adapt of the book ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’ by Judith Kerr. We watch Mog the cat cause chaos around the house, knocking over furniture, spilling the Christmas dinner and getting tangled in twinkling lights which leads her ruining her family’s festivities. This is until the community comes together and saves their Christmas. When I first watched the ad, I couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry! I felt frustrated and irritated by the hectic scene but couldn’t help but warm to Mog’s character and smile at the stories happy ending. This is another great example of storytelling in advertising.