Amy Rule

March WOW Emails

We’re already a third of the way through the year – where has the time gone? Over the past month I’ve been really impressed by the catchy subject lines and the creative content in the emails I’ve received, so I’ve pulled together my top three that made me say WOW. Enjoy!

1. New LookNewlook2

Subject line: It’s a FASHION eggs-travaganza 🐣

View email here

Sent on Easter Sunday, the cracking subject line encouraged me to open straightaway. New Look also included a chick emoji, in their subject line, which was a cute touch and helped the email to stand out in my far too full inbox.

The imagery did all the talking in the offering from New Look. With minimal copy and a fresh layout, I found myself instantly compelled to scroll down.

I particularly liked that New Look had pulled together some of their latest products to show how to build the perfect outfit. As a customer, I thought this was interesting content because it made finding a new outfit that bit easier. And as a marketer, I felt it was a clever way to prompt a click through to the brand’s website.




2. Virgin Trains

Subject line: Are you ready?

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As a sucker for a rhetorical question, I couldn’t resist opening this email from Virgin. Timely as ever, the email went out just a couple of days before the clocks were due to go forward and we were officially allowed to get excited for spring. Virgin decided to use this to their advantage by encouraging potential customers to make the most of their time and go exploring (using their train service of course!)

The colour palette was in keeping with the brand, which meant that it was instantly recognisable as Virgin. The main feature of the email was a clock design – featuring phrases associated with winter and spring, instead of hours. It was something I hadn’t seen in an email before and brought a smile to my face. However I do think that if this had been a GIF of perhaps a ringing alarm clock, the email would’ve been more eye catching.

Overall this was another cleverly branded email that makes me want to hop on a train and travel. Job well done, Virgin.


3. Glossybox

Subject line: We’ve found the dream mascara!

View email here

As a self confessed make up hoarder lover, this subject line had me as soon as I saw the words ‘dream’ and ‘mascara’ in the same sentence. The attractive colour scheme and layout of this Glossybox email instantly caught my eye. The use of a monochrome theme with a splash of subtle colour made the email appear fresh and modern – perfect for this time of year. Plus, the panels within the design really encouraged me to keep scrolling through the rest of the email.

Glossybox have taken a well-known song and put a spin on it for their HTML line, which I really enjoyed and because I was so intrigued, I just had to click through. I found the email navigation really easy, as it was short and to the point, with clear links to Glossybox’s social media pages. This meant I could connect with them in just a few simple steps.

And because Glossybox created such a highly targeted and engaging email, I’m now off to check out that dream mascara (my current stash just isn’t big enough).