Julian Gratton

Marisota ‘Moments’ A/W 2014 TV Advert

Helping women make the most of their assets

Marisota’s unique Shapeology range helps women make the most of their assets whilst minimising the bits they don’t like. In short, it helps women look and feel fabulous whatever their shape… and Marisota needed a TV commercial to help convey the positive effects of Shapeology.

We devised a creative route that put the Shapeology promise to the test… for real! The basic idea being that we would invite lots of women to have a makeover, during which they would not be able to see themselves at all. They would then be blindfolded and led into a room where we had two-way mirrors set up from where they would see themselves for the first time!

Creating a dream makeover

It called for a real leap of faith from everyone involved. But the team at Marisota believed in their Shapeology product and the effect it would have on women So with that belief behind us we began constructing a dream makeover environment in a disused shop in central Manchester.

A team of stylists was on hand as our recruited women came through the doors one by one. After an initial consultation they would then receive their makeover… before being taken into what we affectionately called ‘the reveal room’.

Capturing the reactions

We had tears, screams of joy, gasps of disbelief, amazed looks and lots and lots of very happy women who discovered that they could wear a wide range of clothes that they thought would not suit them.

In fact we had so many great reactions it was a struggle to decide what would make it into the final TV commercial. Which was proof, if proof was needed, that the Shapeology range from Marisota really does work!

The talent behind the advert’s creation

The Marisota TV commercial concept was developed by Red C; with production duties handled by White Noise. The TV advert was Directed by Andy Saunders with cinematography by Roger Bonnici. Big thanks to Gemma and her team of stylists and make-up artists and our unsuspecting stars of our TV advert who made us all a little bit tearful with their reactions.