Azania McFarlane

May Wow Emails

This year is going scarily fast (yes, we are half way through already!) I’m pleased to say that I’ve been impressed with the catchy subject lines, interesting content and creative design of the email marketing offerings so far. As usual, I’ve compiled my top three from the month of May. Enjoy!

1. Topman

Subject line: Haters gonna hate – Warning: LOLs ahead. Top product reviews written by YOU! Or are they…

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The pre-header “Warning: LOLs ahead. Top reviews written by YOU! Or are they?…” is fun and interesting, so regardless of the brand, I would have opened the email. I also liked the fact that the subject line followed the colloquial tone that Topman often possesses in their copywriting.

Topman has put a fun spin on social proof by creating a surprisingly tricky interactive game in which recipients have to spot the real reviews from the fake. They have to click through to the product page where in some cases they find that there are no reviews for a product. Readers are then prompted to “be the first” to review the item.

The mix of outlandish and informative reviews kept me engaged to the end of the email, where I was greeted by a 70% off promotion and a competition to be in with a chance of winning a personalised wardrobe. WIN!

2. The Land of Nod

Subject line: Keep up with the latest and greatest.

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I received this email from The Land of Nod shortly after subscribing to their emails. Laid out in a pin-board style, this email invited subscribers to connect with their variety of social media channels – including Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their blog. Although, social media buttons are likely always present in The Land of Nod emails, having an email dedicated to promoting them is way more effective as it lets subscribers know exactly how to interact with the brand, and is also a great example of multichannel marketing.

With a breadth of content across each platform, customers have options in terms of how they interact with the brand – for instance, they can visit the Facebook page for sale announcements, Pinterest for home decor inspiration and Twitter for tips, tricks and quips. The brand also created #landofnod which can be used universally across all social media sites, making it easier for people to find The Land of Nod content, and in turn generating greater brand engagement.