Diana Agop

May WOW Emails

May is my favourite month of the year as it’s when I celebrate my birthday! As an extra treat this year, I received highly targeted emails offering discounts – a simple way of building my relationship with a brand.

And it wasn’t just birthday themed emails that landed in my inbox. I opened a range of engaging emails with clever content.

So I’ve put together my May favourites, focusing exclusively on sequences of emails aimed at driving engagement and increasing sales.

Boden 1


  1. Boden


Subject line: Today is YOUR day

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Subject line: Oops! Happy Birthday (again)

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Subject line: Your next birthday is AGES away…‏

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The first WOW email sequence in my list is from Boden, which is a fantastic example of a quick reaction to when things can go wrong in email marketing.

On my birthday, I received the first birthday email from Boden. The subject line jumped off my screen with the capitalisation ‘YOUR’. When I opened the email, I was impressed by the use of personalisation which is a well known marketing tactic used in such trigger emails.

The design was bright and fun, in keeping with the theme, with a colourful border and bright yellow voucher to help the discount stand out.

As I scrolled down, I came across a ‘how to’ section telling me what I need to do to redeem my voucher. This was an effective way to show me just how easy it is to get my birthday treat at Boden.

However, I also noticed that the expiry date of my voucher was before my birthday. I blamed the automated process and soon forgot about my voucher. Yet Boden followed up with another email the next day, after noticing their mistake. They sent the same email again but this time, with the right expiry date amended, and an apology note. The subject line was cute too, fitting in with the brands’ personality.

After the apology email, Boden sent me a reminder to use my voucher. What I liked best about this email was the witty copy about birthday cake, which put a smile on my face. And we all know using humour is a great technique to engage customers.

It’s safe to say all was forgiven!Boden 2


  1. Boden

Subject line: Forget Monday. 25% OFF dresses is here!

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Subject line: Next up: 25% OFF tops & tees

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Subject line: 25% OFF trousers, shorts & skirts. Seriously.

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Subject line: Are we crazy? 25% OFF accessories, shoes & coats

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Subject line: Ready to roll? 25% OFF The Holiday Shop

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Number 2 on my list comes from Boden again. This time their email sequence was to promote a week of savings. What I want to highlight first are the engaging subject lines, which got the brands’ personality across straight away.

The email sequence comprised of 5 emails, sent over 5 days, all with similar designs but promoting a discount for different product categories.

The outstanding element that made these emails stand out from competitors was an exciting animation – a spinning promotion wheel. On each email the wheel stopped at a different offer. This was a very creative and fun way to persuade the recipient to read the email. And it definitely caught my attention!


  1. Lands’ EndLands End

Subject line: Happy Birthday!

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Subject line: Your birthday gift won’t last forever

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This email sequence occurred as a result of not using my Lands’ End birthday voucher. They sent me a reminder email with a strong sense of urgency – a great way of encouraging the customer to engage with the brand.

There was consistency in the sequence, such as the same template, fonts and clear call to action. However, the reminder email, clearly displayed the time limit on use the voucher. The image was also changed compared to the first email sent, illustrating another cute cake made of clothes. This is a clever design and in-keeping with the brands’ quirky style. And from my point of view, the image is subtly generating a sense of urgency, as the cake looks slightly melted with the top cherry falling down.

I’m already looking forward to seeing what’ll be heading for my inbox on my next birthday!