Steve White

Memorable television advertising jingles

I have a question for you.   What do ‘Um Bongo’, ‘R Whites’ and ‘Shake n Vac’ have in common?  Well, if you’re an 80s child, like me, the answer will be obvious. The answer is each of these brands has had hugely memorable advertising jingles, which I’m sure you could probably hum along to even today.

Let’s try it.  All together now; “R Whites Lemonade, I’m a secret lemonade drinker, R Whites, R Whites”

Over the course of the years, I’m sure there can’t be a single person who can say that they haven’t had a marketing jingle stuck in their head.  I for one have been driven near mental by having Go Compare’s annoying tune implanted in my skull for days on end, but do they care?  Do they heck as like.

That’s exactly what I love about the advertising jingle, its ability to be memorable due its capacity of triggering an emotion.  Over the years advertising jingles have made me laugh, made me annoyed and despite being a double hard b%s*a&d, on occasions they’ve even given me a warm, soft glow inside.

Once a company’s jingle becomes embedded in someone’s mind, then that person might think about your products at the oddest of times.  Driving to work, having a shower or whilst simply sitting in the garden on a summer’s day.  But, what’s the advantage to Walls if I was humming ‘Just one Cornetto’ on my drive into work on a cold, wintery Tuesday morning.  Well, at that precise moment there is no advantage but every time a person hears or hums along to a company’s jingle then that company’s presence in the marketplace is enhanced.  The chances are when I do finally require an ice cream then my choice will indeed be a Cornetto.

Take a look at my favourite jingles of all time.  Remember them?  Can you hum along?

Shake ‘n’ Vac ‘Do the Shake ‘n’ Vac’
R Whites ‘Secret Lemonade Drinker
Um Bongo ‘They drink it in the congo’
Kia Ora ‘I’ll be your dog’
QuickFit ‘You can’t get better than a quickfit fitter’

Why not let us know what your favourite advertising jingle of all time is?