We like O2’s brave approach to social media marketing

Not so long ago O2 had a catastrophe on their hands. Their network crashed, leaving hundreds of thousands of O2 customers unable to use their mobile phones.

Customers were outraged, and they took to Twitter to tell O2 exactly how they felt. As you can imagine, it wasn’t pretty. Insults were thrown and expletives were used, and this went on for two days before the network was fully up and running again.

During this torrid time for O2, new Twitter followers increased from an average of 155 to 13,500 per day. O2 became the talk of the Twitter town with a 4,836% increase in people’s conversations. And in the middle of all this were O2’s in-house social media team. They were the poor souls who had to respond to these complaints. So that’s what they did, and they managed to do it in a quite brilliant and completely unexpected way. Just take a look at this…

Customer (@grahamcummings7): “@O2 F**K You! Suck d**k in hell”
O2 response: ” Maybe later, got tweets to send”

Rather than send out a textbook corporate apology, they responded to the abuse with an impressive amount of charm, humour and honesty. They sounded like a friend, you know, the funny one that’s always able to put a smile on your face.

Using this approach, the anger began to die down and tweets like this began to appear.

Customer (@Beckyyyy123): “Whoever is tweeting for @O2 deserves some sort of giant cake”

O2 response: “If it’s a giant, Jaffa Cake, I’m in”

Customer (@Beckyyyy123): “@O2 your wish is my command”

O2 response: “Awesomes! Sorry about the kamikaze comma in the last tweet. Finger s are numb.”

The O2 in-house social media team had turned around a negative scenario, and it was all done through using a more humanised and witty tone of voice.

So I’d like to just say kudos to O2, and share with you some of their best Tweets.

O2 Twitter Feed

O2 Twitter Feed

O2 Twitter Feed

O2 Twitter Feed