Marianne Hoy

October WOW emails

October is my favourite month with Halloween celebrations and especially Halloween focused emails..  So take a look at last months October emails that made me WOW!   

Wallis – It’s cold outside: Stay warm with our new-in coats!

Back in October I had a pleasant surprise when I opened my inbox. I’m not normally wowed by Wallis emails, yet on the 14th October, this all changed. Wallis sent me a timely seasonal email, highlighting their collection of coats perfect for when the nights draw in and the temperatures drop. The structure of the email began with a hero shot of a coat and then in a grid format, married it with other products to complete the look.

This may seem pretty ordinary so far… but as I scrolled down there was delightful gifs of outfits coming together. Gifs aren’t difficult to embed in an email, but I found the effect really eye-catching and showed the brand in a more playful light than before. After a quick glance through their social media, I noticed that the same gifs had been used on their Instagram and Twitter accounts to create some great synergy. You go, Wallis.

It would be silly not to mention Halloween in October’s WOW emails, wouldn’t it?


Full Beauty – All treats! Extra 50%, 30% or 10% off. Take a spin!

Our email bank received this fun Halloween themed email. It was a simple format but incredibly effective. The email uses a postcard layout with a fun spider web illustration in the background, however all my focus was on an animated slot machine with rotating discounts and Halloween cartoon icons.

The copy was simple but striking, and got my attention with an increased point size and bold colours. A call to action at the bottom of the email pushed me customer through to the main site, where I could interact and receive discounts on the slots. A brilliant example of how to increase consumer interaction and click through rates with simple, fun personalisation. Bravo!


Zizzi – 🎃Open if you SCARE…

I really enjoyed the Happy Halloween email from Zizzi this year. It was bright, fun and showcased some attractive photography of their dishes. A strong navigation bar at the top gave me clear direction if I wanted to book a table or view the menus. Further down there were two call to actions, the first was to ‘download your voucher’ which increased the incentive to use the second button ‘book your table’. The email was copy heavy, which did put me off reading it, and I doubt that other customers would read all of the points. Yet despite the length of the email, the eye-catching photography and illustration kept me engaged. An enjoyable addition was the pumpkin faces being animated to imitate a glowing pumpkin. Keep it up, Zizzi.