Julian Gratton

Our favourite TV Adverts featuring football

With the World Cup around the corner, we thought it fitting to take a look at some of the best TV Adverts featuring the beautiful game. Unlike the big screen, which has always struggled to create something truly wonderful that depicts football (anyone who has seen When Saturday Comes or the Goal trilogy will testify to this) advertisers have consistently created thrilling, inventive and engaging pieces of film about the world’s most popular sport.

Nike: Match in Hell by Wieden Kennedy

Undoubtedly inspired by the classic 1981 film ‘Escape to Victory’, this commercial from 1996 even got to display the acting talents of Eric Cantona as well as the footballing skills of Ronaldo and Ian Wright (who gets a very nasty Glasgow kiss). In short, this TV Advert has it all… flames as pitch markings, winged beasts, scary blokes in bondage gear, violence and some silky skills… it’s a commercial template that, in our eyes, has often been copied but has never been beaten.

Take it to the next level by 72andSunny

Great music, inventive camera work, fast editing, hot girls, violence… it has to be Guy Ritchie. This TV Commercial was created to show what it takes to reach the top in football and was filmed in several locations around the world over a period of a month. The first person nature of the execution perfectly encapsulates the speed and ferocity as well as the skills of top level footballers.

Write the Future by Wieden Kennedy

The impact of success on failure on the football pitch can extend beyond affecting the careers of the footballers… it can even have a negative or positive impact on the world economy. This wonderful spot for Nike perfectly encapsulates how the beautiful game affects lives all over the world and gives us a wonderful insight into what Wayne Rooney would look like if he lived in a caravan.

Adidas: Jose +10 by 180 Amsterdam

Not to be outdone by Nike for the 2006 World Cup, Adidas launched this clever little advert that allowed two children to call upon their favourite footballers throughout history to compete in their own little match. The advert aims build on the premise of ‘soccer as fantasy’ for millions of fans world wide and the endless debates that occur about what players are best and who you would like to have on your team… as long as they are sponsored by Adidas!