Julian Gratton

Phonak ITE hearing aids short films

As part of a wider point of sale and direct marketing campaign targeting businesses, students and consumers; Red C created a series of short films for Swiss hearing aid manufacturer Phonak.
The aim of the films was to bring the creation of Phonak ITEs to life to help people understand why they are the market leader and why these particular hearing solutions offer excellent value.

Selling in the ITE film concept

Teaming up with our production partners at White Noise, we first presented a mood film and treatment as to how our film would be styled and structured. This mood film demonstrated clearly how the technicians at the Phonak laboratory would be filmed and interviewed to help achieve the campaign’s aims.

The Directors on the project, Red C’s Creative Director, Julian Gratton, and White Noise’s Michael Nixon, decided on a route that would see the technicians and management filmed in an intimate way undertaking their daily roles.

Over the top of this footage we then hear the professionals talk about their roles and why they think Phonak ITEs are special. They then go on to talk about their own beliefs and values when being interviewed to really demonstrate the passion and dedication that goes into the creation of every single ITE.

A few words from the Directors

Talking about the film and approach, Red C’s Julian Gratton commented that: “It would have been very easy to create a flat and pretty standard corporate film with regards the creation of Phonak ITEs. What makes these products special is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and the human stories behind them. People like Ray who works in the laboratory and who also uses ITEs himself… to hear him talk about how they have enhanced his life is a wonderful and emotional experience and both Mike and we felt that this, and other stories, were ones that needed telling.

Creating multiple edits for different audiences

Three versions of the film were created to target business, student and consumer audiences. The films were a co-production between Red C and White Noise Productions. Direction was handled by Julian Gratton and Michael Nixon with cinematography by Matt Gathercole and production duties taken on by Steve White and Bryony Wolfendale.