Steve White

Putting the fun back into fashion with our Curvissa TV Commercials

Back when we filmed our first TV commercial for plus size fashion brand Curvissa, we never expected that the creative would be so warmly received that we’d end up continuing our original concept into multiple TV adverts.

Fashion can be very guilty sometimes of taking itself too seriously. So it’s refreshing to see our client embrace our fun creative that allows them to show off not only their wide range of fashion, but inspire customers with where you can wear it in a playful way.

A concept inspired by a great pin-up artist!

Our original concept was all about taking the picture postcard illustration style of Gil Elvgren and giving it a modern spin. We wanted to retain the cheekiness of his saucy pictures and use it to showcase the wide range of fashion that Curvissa has to offer.

This idea falls down, though, if you don’t have the right models to carry off your idea. We were lucky in finding three girls who represented the different body shapes of the typical Curvissa customer and had fantastic bubbly and playful personalities that really come across on camera.

Role play brings the Curvissa range to life!

The beauty of the Curvissa concept is how we can easily take people from a garden party into an office to a fireworks display. All thanks to the simple iconic style of the art direction.

This ‘role play’ approach means we can simply convey the flexibility of the Curvissa range in an easily digestible way that doesn’t detract from the clothes… and in fact pushes them to the fore so the consumer can easily see how fantastic the range is.

Each season Red C’s creatives have some fun devising new scenarios to show off the range, inspired by the Client’s need to showcase certain product. Each scenario suggestion is benchmarked against the previous scenarios to make sure we don’t repeat what we have done and also to ensure it has the ability to put a smile on the viewers’ faces to ensure memorability… which is important in the crowded daytime TV ad breaks.

Making sure you have the right team on board.

As well as a great concept and playful models, you also need a dedicated and passionate production team. We’ve been lucky at Red C to have this in the shape of The Mob Film Company and Director Chris Gaffey who have handled the filming for all the Curvissa TV commercials.

Together with the likes of ENVY, The Unit and now VTR North in Manchester, they have been key in ensuring that the Curvissa DRTV Commercials look the business when it comes to production values.

A passion for continuous improvement

At Red C we never rest on our laurels and are always looking to increase response or engagement. So during the offline for each TV advert and before we enter production on a new Curvissa commercial we look to see where we can refine and improve. A job made easier thanks to Red C’s eye tracking facilities and critical eye in which we view each advert.