Diana Agop

September WOW Emails

In September we’ve had lots and lots of great email marketing. This month our student placement, Peter Dickson, cherry picks his favourite three emails from his inbox in what is his very first WOW email blog article.email 1


1) STA    

Subject line: Thailand & Bali Beach Breaks from £339

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Now it doesn’t take much to convince me to book a holiday, but with a deal as good as £379 for return flights to Thailand and a weeks’ worth of luxury accommodation in an email subject line, it’s definitely getting an open from me. Especially on a cold wet morning on the way to work!
The offer did most of the talking in this email alongside some incredible imagery but the small amount of engaging copy made it difficult for me not to click through to the STA webpage, which is ultimately the aim of the game at the end of the day.



2) ASOSemail 3

Subject line: Jeans, you’ve changed, man!

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I do love a good pun… so 90% of the time I find myself opening any email with a decent pun in its subject line. This simple and straight to the point email from ASOS does its job perfectly in directing people to new designs and styles without over complicating things. Something I find hard to come by sometimes with companies trying to cross sell too many products in one email.






Subject line: More reasons to book with Monarch to Barcelona

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Although this email from Monarch isn’t the most creative I’ve received this month, I was still impressed by the email due to the personalisation and speed of Monarch’s follow up after my initial search for flights to Barcelona. Having used the airline earlier this year Monarch already has a fair amount of my information. It’s how they used it which impressed me. Using the data from my Barcelona search Monarch acted quickly to send me a following two more related emails within 6 days of my search including similar destinations. Acting quickly on my search, Monarch seized their opportunity to sell relevant content that I would be interested in. This is something I don’t believe enough companies are always capitalising on with the crucial data that they have.