Georgie Hallgate

Social media: Brands we want to be buddies with

Let’s be honest with ourselves. The majority of us have a guilty pleasure on social media that we like to follow because they consistently post something we find humorous or perhaps they are writing something we are all thinking but are too polite to say.

Whether it’s an acquaintance, a brand, or someone you stumbled across through (innocent) stalking, we all follow someone on social media who we keep a look out for as we scroll. It could be because they consistently post something we find funny, interesting, or even better, completely scandalous. Either way, we can’t wait to see what they’re going to post next.

Last year I found myself following brands and celebrities simply because of their down-to-earth tone of voice on social media, rather than because of what they’re selling or who they are. However, as a result of enjoying reading what they have to say, it has led to me reading their promotional posts – which normally don’t register with me from brands with a boring social media.

Northern-based burger joint Almost Famous (@FamousEats) is a perfect example. The gentleman who runs their twitter is one of the geniuses behind the Almost Famous franchise. Anonymous to his followers, he appears to be living the dream of burgers, bacon, cakes and beer. He regularly posts photographs to show off a monstrously delicious meal he’s having or writes something that gets me giggling. So it’s no wonder he has his followers hooked to know what he’s up to next.


Before following them on twitter, I probably wouldn’t have put Almost Famous high on my list of places to eat. However, through his witty tweets, I’ve been convinced to try a little snap shot of the life he leads by spending an evening chowing down on the burgers he posts pictures of.

With over 39k followers, I firmly believe the majority followed in order to read his daily posts. As a result, Almost Famous now has a very large audience they know will be listening when they decide they want to boost their sales.

Next, James Blunt. You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this but give me a moment to explain.

Like many celebrities, he’s prone to receiving some rather unfriendly tweets. But WOW, if you haven’t seen the brilliant responses he gives to people brave or stupid enough to try and give him grief, it is a fantastic lunchtime read.

As with @FamousEats, I was eager to see the next comeback he had been dishing up recently and in the process, I came across his new album. I decided to see if it really was as bad as his twitter trolls claim and you know what? It’s not bad. Or has he hypnotised me with his funny twitter feed? By putting the occasional individual in their place, he’s created a buzz around the humour of his responses and in return gained exposure for his new album.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that all brands need to be rude or brilliantly sarcastic to reap the benefits of brand exposure through social media. It’s actually about being someone the customer wants to follow by posting content they will relate to or want to share with friends.

The more you build up a relationship with customers via social media the more likely they are to stop and read what you have to say every time they are quickly scrolling through their news feed. They will even take note of that great promotion you’ve snuck in there.