Amy Rule

Starbucks Order and Pay

Earlier this month Starbucks invested £30m on a technological revamp, including creating its new Order and Pay app. Essentially a click and collect for Starbucks products, the app allows customers to order hot or cold drinks and even food, all from their trusty mobile device.

With being able to locate your nearest Starbucks through the app and the ability to ‘favourite’ your local stores, ordering your caffeine fix has never been quicker or easier! The app details each of their products, with high quality photography and even the nutritional information (for those who are brave enough to know). Once the order has been placed, the app will provide you with directions to your chosen store and even lets you know how long your drink will take, meaning you can beat the queues on these dreary autumn mornings. It’s even great for multiple orders; the app can be loaded with a company credit card, with receipts sent per top up instead of per order, so ordering those team coffees will be a much smoother and hassle free process!


While it all sounds peachy, there are some teething problems. Currently the app defaults all drinks sizes to grande, which is medium. This could potentially be confusing to new customers who aren’t familiar with the sizing order; though once you’ve changed the size your preference will be saved.

Order and Pay has been available in the US since 2014, though it only came to the UK on the 1st of October, and even then it’s only available in around 150 stores across London and solely on iOS devices. So while it seems to proving a hit, you could call it pretty exclusive for now. Starbucks are also planning on installing charging mats across the stores, so all you die hard Smartphone lovers can breathe a sigh of relief and charge your phone while indulging in a Caramel Frappe.