Julian Gratton

The advert that got me into advertising

I’ve always had a vivid imagination. So growing up I loved adverts that played upon bending reality and shaping it into a memorable communication. One of my earliest memories of ‘loving an advert’ was probably the Indiana Jones inspired Terry’s Chocolate Orange advert… but I’m not sure that was the one that made me want to become an advertising creative.

Looking back now I’d like to say that the advert that inspired me to want to get a job in advertising was the beautifully written Cinzano adverts. The ones featuring Leonard Rossiter… you’ve probably seen them appear in the top ten of some naff list programme where they count down the nation’s favourite adverts.

But it wasn’t that in truth.

The advert that made me want to get a job in advertising wasn’t actually an advert. Although I guess in a way it was. You see, when I was younger, probably about 11 or 12, I watched a documentary on TV about advertising and it had an interview with some Creatives on it as they tackled a brief.

One of these Creatives was wearing a Superman t-shirt. It was bright blue with the big Superman ‘S’ on it. It was the coolest t-shirt in the world ever, and it made me think… ‘this guy’s at work and he’s wearing a Superman t-shirt. I want to do what he’s doing’!

And so that’s what I did.

Years later when I started my first job in advertising with my peroxide blonde hair and ‘know-it-all attitude’ I too would rock up at work in a Superman t-shirt. It was then that the realisation set in that if set my mind on something and I wanted it enough then it would happen.

So I set my mind on the next goal.