Julian Gratton

The cutest cats in TV adverts 2014

I’ll be honest with you. I love cats. They’re ace. Far better than dogs. Dogs are stupid. Cats are clever, cute, smart and utterly unhinged, which makes them far more interesting as a pet. Here are some of my favourite TV adverts from 2014 starring cats; none of which try and sell you cat food!

Freeview ‘Cat & Budgie’ TV Advert

What’s not to like about this advert. A great song by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. A really cute cat. A budgie. Some great post production and direction with a beautifully simple concept. It’s all here in this advert. Did I mention it’s got a really cute cat singing!

Credit to the creatives at Leo Burnett for coming up with an absolute winner of a concept. Post Production on this was by Glassworks… if you have time, make sure you check out the related videos… the Budgiecat’s singing lessons is a work of genius!

Three ‘#SingItKitty’ TV Advert

What do you get when you put an 80s power anthem together with a young girl from Padiham on a bike together with a cute cat in a basket (named Simcris Bronte Bronyjoy)? A viral hit and a brilliantly fun TV advert that’s what!

The concept was devised by Wieden Kennedy and the CGI cat (based on a real 7-month old kitty) was created by MPC in London. And not happy with just creating a fun TV advert, the campaign was extended to allow people to superimpose their faces onto the girl on the bike and ride around singing to Starship – try it for yourself at www.singitkitty.co.uk – it’s brilliant!

Mercedes-Benz CLA ‘Cat’ TV Advert

I love this advert. It’s simple, has a lovely comic moment that’s not over-cooked and beautifully demonstrates a key feature of the product using a cat! I also love the fact that it picks up on a beautiful insight in life that cats love sleeping on the warm bonnets of cars.

The star of the advert is obviously William the cat, sadly I can’t give any other plaudits as there seems to be no information online with regards who shot the advert or developed the concept. Which is a shame as it’s a beauty!

EE ‘Keyboard Cat’ Cinema Advert

I quite like EE’s ‘made epic’ campaign. It’s a simple concept that really highlights EE’s USP and it also gives them a wealth of content to mine thanks to the multitude of daft content uploaded to YouTube by Joe Public… in this instance the meme used is Charlie Schmidt’s keyboard cat which was originally filmed in 1984 and uploaded to YouTube in 2007.

Those clever people at Saatchi & Saatchi London created the campaign, which features a number of other internet hits. Jeff Labbe Directed the spot through Academy Films. Sadly ‘Fatso’ the cat is no longer with us but his comic keyboard video has given joy to millions!

Thalys ‘Discover Europe through the eyes of a cat’ TV Advert

Bizarre. That’s the best way to describe this advert created by Rosa Park in France for travel brand Thalys. We see a cat on some futuristic travel device explore various sights across Europe and to get to these destinations he pops onto a Thalys train.

God knows what they were thinking (or smoking) when they devised this concept. At least the cat they used is cute!