Amy Rule

The new Tinder style app from Missguided

On 8th March, fashion retailer Missguided officially launched their new app. In this article I’ll be revealing all about the app, including my experience of using it.

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Upon opening the app, you receive the push notification alert as you do with most applications. Once you’ve chosen your preference, you’re taken to the welcome message, which thanks you for downloading – a cute personal touch! This page will also ask you to sign in or register, but you can choose to skip this, if you prefer. Although I tried to register for the purposes of this post, I did come across a couple of issues. However the app hasn’t been up and running for very long so I’ll let them off this time!

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Missguided have taken inspiration from Tinder, showing they know their customers and are an on-trend brand. Like Tinder, the main element of the app is a swipe feature, where users can “nah” or “love” by swiping left or right.

If you “love” a product, it is automatically added to your wishlist. This is a great way of collecting all of your favourite pieces before decided what to actually add to your basket! I wonder whether there is an algorithm behind this function, which allows the app to remember what the user likes or doesn’t like, as it does on the Asos app. If this is the case, it would allow the retailer to collect a lot of information about their customers, which could be used for more targeted mailings and campaigns.

The homepage is filled with great content. Promoting their products with the help of cute puns and play on words, which also encourages visits to their social pages. I loved the Instagram feature at the bottom of the homepage: #babesofmissguided. It was refreshing to see real customers wearing the products. Missguided also gave users a chance to win a brand new wardrobe, if they posted the shots using the hashtag, another clever way to get customers to interact with the brand.

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A useful feature is the ability to shop directly through the app, meaning you no longer have to go to the Missguided website to browse. Plus, there are several filters to choose from, so you can hone in on the style or price range you may be looking for straight away. This should save time when shopping, which could lead to more positive customer relationships.

However, saying that, I did find that things took a while to load on quite a few of the pages, which meant that the process wasn’t as seamless as it could. Unfortunately, it seemed that every product I had added to my wishlist was out of stock. I’m not sure whether this was just terrible luck on my part or if this is a glitch in the app, I guess it is only early days!

Overall, when a couple of things are ironed out, I think the app will be a brilliant addition to Missguided’s already strong social family. The design was in keeping with the branding and the structure of the content was easy to navigate and understand. The CTA’s were clear and quite bold, “come get it” for example, which is a refreshing change from the standard “shop here” or “find out more”. Paired with quirky copy, I loved the on trend and age appropriate feel this app has. The “Swipe to Hype” function was truly addictive – I could easily have spent all day swiping left and right.