Lorna Mowbray

The Three Top Viral Adverts of 2015 So Far…

Android: Friends Furever

Google’s Android released a new ad back in February that touches on Android fragmentation by killing us with cuteness. The advert shows a variety of videos of different animals that are ‘best friends’ with the main message “Be together, not the same”. It has been argued that this could be seen as a little dig at Apple… customers can customise a wide range of different things on their Android device and purchase different phones running different versions of Android, whereas, there’s only one iOS.

The advert pulls at the heartstring of the viewer – who wouldn’t want to see a dog having a pool party with an elephant? Or a cat looking after a baby duckling? The advert doesn’t focus on mobile devices, instead, it uses cute animals to invoke fuzzy feelings among viewers in an effort to promote the Android in a more approachable and appealing way.


The Netflix Watch

In the past year the enthusiasm for Netflix has grown, with its convenience of streaming media being a big reason for its popularity. The Apple Watch launched in April this year, and so Netflix took the opportunity to create a spoof ad surrounding the buzz. It could be said Netflix used agile marketing with the intention of taking the focus away from Apple and boosting their own brand awareness. The comical ad pokes fun at Netflix itself, their viewers and the new Apple technology.


Kleenex: Unlikely Best Friends

Back in June, Kleenex launched a Facebook video featuring a dog with a disability, called Chance. The video is a short documentary that introduces viewers to a couple who are no strangers to disability themselves. The couple adopt Chance and provide him with a new home, as he was in need of care after being hit by a car. This is a heart-warming and touching ad and will make viewers reach for a tissue! The video has over 53 million views and millions of comments, many of which are sharing very similar stories.