The TV adverts with the best dance sequences

Whether you’re a master of the Macarena or possess Gangnam Style skills, deep down, we all love a good boogie (especially after one too many). If you’re not first on the dance floor, there’s no better entertainment than witnessing the dad dancing, the guy who thinks he’s John Travolta, the sexy dancing, or the awkward sways of those who’ve been reluctantly dragged up to dance. I’m the sort of person who enjoys watching others having a good dance, rather than busting moves myself. So it got me thinking about the adverts I like for this reason exactly. From the outrageously well choreographed, to the downright silly, these ads stuck in my memory because they featured dance sequences that were hard to forget. Warning: don’t try these moves at home unless you’re happy to replace surrounding furnishings (I’m talking from experience).

Halifax Dance Off Advert – 2007

Bank adverts = boring, right? Wrong! I love this ad purely for its comedic value. The idea of having two Halifax workers take part in a dance off against another group of people in suits is brilliant. I’m hoping to instigate something similar the next time I pop in to my local branch. Reminiscent of the ‘Run DMC Vs Jason Nevis – Its Like That’ music video, it emulates a realistic dance off with the simplistic but well-timed dance moves. Just a shame it was only aired in Ireland.

T-Mobile Liverpool Street Station Dance Flash Mob – 2009

One of the first examples of a well-done Flash Mob was this T-Mobile advert. As one of the first of its kind, it needed to be revolutionary, and it was. With such a large amount of people used in the routine, it was a classic in the making. People that weren’t part of the Flash Mob joining in and dancing added a nice personal touch, demonstrating that people do love a boogie, whatever the circumstances. The concept worked well with their strap ‘Life’s worth sharing’ as dancing brought people together with something fun and enjoyable.

Lynx Pulse Advert – 2006

This has to be one of my favourite adverts. The dance routine reminds me of the guy in the club who thinks he’s a great dancer thanks to some ‘signature moves’. In a similar vein to the Christopher Walken cameo in Weapon of Choice by Fat Boy Slim, the timing of the choreography is cleverly off in certain parts. This really does give the impression that its just your ‘Average Joe’ that’s decided to break in to a dance in bar – only this time, his dance moves impress the girls instead of sending them running for the hills. Interestingly, after the ad’s release, the song featured, Make Luv by Room 5, became No.1 in the UK Chart, demonstrating the power adverts can have by bringing music to the masses.

Three The Pony #DancePonyDance – 2013

This could be considered a bit of a cheat choice seeing as it’s not exactly real, but the popularity of the advert can’t be ignored. The dancing Pony by the phone company 3 went viral as soon as it aired. Having a Shetland Pony dance along to ‘Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere’ is extremely original and I think that’s where they hit the nail on the head. Plus, adverts centred around animals will always appeal to the masses of pet lovers out there. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t enjoy watching a pony Moonwalk?

Gene Kelly Golf GTi Advert – 2004

This advert is an oldie, but a goodie. The mash-up of old and new is a clever way of putting a modern take on a classic. Using the timeless ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ with Gene Kelly and mixing it with a funky contemporary beat makes for a great watch. Volkswagen has ticked all the boxes with this ad. The image manipulation is impressive and for those who loved the original, you’re taken on a trip down memory lane. It’s not always about doing something new; sometimes you can reinvent something old to create something brilliant.