Top 3 TV Adverts of 2016

1) Virgin Media – #BeTheFastest

Released during the Portugal Vs Wales Euro 2016 semi-final match, Virgin Medias multi-million pound Be the Fastest campaign exploded onto screens around the world.

The concept centred on speed to promote Virgin Media as the fastest broadband connection, and what better way to do that than with a one minute forty second tribute to the fastest athlete of all time, Usain Bolt.

The ad showcased a dramatisation of the life and resilience of Bolt in eight 9.58 second clips (Bolts world record 100M time), from training in the streets of Jamaica to performing on the Olympic track. The ad instantly grabbed my attention, with the intense music and repetition of the eight clips, paired up with moving narration from former gold medallist and American sprinter, Michael Johnson. The ad ended asking viewers the question, are you ready to be moved?


2) Halifax – Top Cat takes out a Mortgage

Last year, Halifax took us on a trip down memory lane by bringing Top Cat back to our screens. The gangster feline and his sidekick Benny were brought in to promote the banks latest range of mortgages. The ad tells the story of Halifax helping Top Cat take out some “moolah” for a shinny new rubbish bin.

I thought it was a great idea to use the cartoon to show customers that Halifax are a friendly and down to earth bank who can support everyone. Top Cat also helped to make mortgages a little less dull with a humorous and innovative ad.

The advert was ranked second place by Campaign, for the most memorable individual ads of 2016.


3) Zoopla – Dan the House Detective

For their 30 second TV ad, Zoopla used humour to engage with viewers. The property website introduces Dan the House Detective, who appears to know more about a property than the man showing him round all because he searched on Zoopla. Though parts may come across as silly to some, such as when Dan is rolling round on the floor, I thought the overall ad was a clever and clear way to communicate Zooplas message. Theres a lot to consider when you start to think about moving, but Zoopla go above and beyond to help make sure you know what youre doing.