Amy Rule

Top 5 Halloween Campaigns of 2014

With it creeping closer to everybody’s favourite spooky season, I thought it’d be a good idea to pull together a scarily cool list of the top Halloween marketing and advertising campaigns of 2014 to get you inspired.

1. Ford – The Spooky Halloween Car Wash Prank

Back in 2014, Ford released a new advert around this time of year, telling the story of a few groups of people who were asked to make an innocent stop off at a car wash on their way to a test drive. Little did they know, they weren’t going to be the only people in there! The best thing about this advert, aside from it being completely refreshing and engaging, was the fact that they didn’t try to sell Ford at all. Not even once.

2. Oreo – The Oreo Laboratorium

A series of short videos were made by Oreo, in which adorable ‘nomsters’ were created in a Frankenstein-esque lab. Oreo introduced a competition element too, with their social audiences being given the ability to name the nomsters with a winner being chosen on each platform.  My favourite has to be Count Puffula! Another great social media campaign from Oreo that generated conversation with customers and got them coming back for more.

3. Ikea

Ikea in Singapore decided to promote their later opening times with homage to the Stanley Kubrick horror classic, The Shining, with a young boy bumping into some creepy characters on his cycle around the store. The video was also accompanied by a competition on Facebook. Ikea would upload images of products featured in the video, and to be in with a chance of winning fans would have to upload a screenshot of where that product appears in the video. Late night shopping will never be the same again. Yikes!

4. ASOS #TrickOrTweet

ASOS combined Twitter and the video streaming site uStream to create an interactive and engaging Halloween campaign: #TrickOrTweet. Using the childhood favourite card game Pairs, fans tweeted two numbers between 1 and 52 and if chosen, their cards would be turned over on the live stream. If it was a matching pair, the contestant would either win a treat or a trick! The competition was well publicised, with it being cross promoted across their other social platforms for days before the event, and even used as a banner for their social headers. Despite this being a relatively small campaign, it was highly successful, with over 6,500 tweets using the hashtag the day of the event!

5. Asda Spook Squad

Last but by no means least, using Zappar, a free smartphone and tablet app, Asda created Spook Squad across 394 stores. As part of a monster hunt using clue sheets, users could ‘zap’ the masks in store to reveal an augmented reality and transform themselves into Sir Spook or George-ina. “Take home packs” were also available for children who want to continue with the fun long after the weekly shop is done. These included stickers that could be placed around the house to create a personalised monster treasure hunt, with the aim of catching two new characters! This is great inspiration for building customer relationships and getting customers in to stores.