Diana Agop

TOP 5 Summer 2015 Adverts


With September already up and running, I thought it’d be a great time to look back at this year’s scorching summer TV ads. As you were relaxing by the pool or spending time with friends and family, brands from around the world were working hard to bring you the most attractive and persuasive adverts. Here’s a countdown of my top 5 ads… let’s see if they bring back any summer loving memories!


  1. Boohoo: We are Hot

Boohoo turns up the heat in their summer ad. The first thing that caught my attention was the energetic soundtrack. Music is a powerful tool for advertisers as it can generate emotion or paint a picture in the audience’s mind. The vibrant settings and sun-kissed backgrounds were easy on the eye and made me feel as if I was soaking up the sun like those Boohoo girls. And to make that a reality, I’d only have to buy their summer collection!


  1. H&M: Summer Starts Now

H&M went big with their summer ad this year. It stared Victoria’s Secret supermodels as four adventurous divas that rode into summer in speedy style. I believe H&M used this concept to symbolise the strength and style you’ll be empowered with when wearing their clothing. Slightly over the top but I think they pulled it off! Catchy music, an attractive setting and beautiful celebrities – H&M produced a triple threat summer advert!


  1. M&S Food: Adventures in Seaside

This ad from M&S shows off typically British dishes that customers can relish during the summer. The British retailer appeals to all the senses which is a great advertising technique. The plain background keeps the viewer’s attention focused on the striking food. The soundtrack is the upbeat hit ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit, which makes the ad more dramatic. And with the attractive visuals viewers can imagine how good the food would taste and smell, as if you were sat by the seaside!


  1. Dolce & Gabbana: Summer Commercial

D&G take on a different concept compared to other fashion adverts. Instead of highlighting the clothing range, the Italian fashion house puts more focus on the art and spirit of the brand while entwining it with a sensual summer feel. The use of flamenco dancers and bullfighters bring authenticity and history to the ad. And the flamenco rhythm tells a story of passion, energy and vitality, which D&G hopes to transmit into their summer collection. Olé!


  1. Malibu: Make it the Best Summer Ever

My favourite ad out of the 5 goes to the sweet taste of Malibu. The ad presents lots of snapshots of summer experiences, from sunbathing by the pool to dancing at festivals. Malibu has used these fun and vibrant images with the hope that customers will associate the brand with the same happy summer adventures. There is also an element of Instagram in the 30 second advert with the short snappy visuals. This is a creative way to engage with the brand’s target audience. The advert is made up on instant images, which also ties in with the message for customers to win instant prizes.


As you can see, summer 2015 was brimming with creative and highly relevant adverts. Let’s see what the autumn and winter months have in store for us!