Our masterclasses are real crowd-pleasers

Whether you’re a marketing newbie or just feel like polishing up your skills, our marketing masterclasses will take your team’s marketing game to a whole new level. A more effective, engaging and enterprising level.
After decades in the business, we decided it was time to share a little of that golden marketing knowledge that has got us so far. So we started up a programme of masterclasses focused on key marketing areas: direct mail, email marketing, content marketing, and search. They’ve been a rip-roaring success, with 96% of clients saying they were happy with the results.

Email Masterclass

Think your marketing emails already work as hard as they can? Here’s a secret: they could always work harder.

At our email marketing masterclass, we’ll dissect all the most important areas of the marketing email anatomy together – from smart, responsive design to must-click subject lines.

By looking at tried and true examples of email genius, we’ll help you get a sense of what you could tweak in your email marketing strategy. And if more than just a tweak is called for, we’ll hand you the bricks you need to build your new approach from the ground up.

Walk away with all this know-how

Inspirational Email Marketing
Cutting edge emails from around the world

Getting Your Email Strategy Right
Creating a rich and varied inbox for your recipients

Ten Inbox Secrets
Design techniques for eye tracking to transform your CTRs

Designing Email for All Devices
Designing your emails to render in every device

Copy Techniques for Email
How to capture attention, sustain interest and encourage action

Email Distribution & Delivery
How to maximise deliverability and protect your reputation

Evaluating Your Campaigns
Using dashboards, heatmaps & eye tracking to improve performance

When is the next masterclass happening?

  • Email Marketing

    24th April 2018

Aston Hall, Trinity Road, Birmingham B6 6JD

Aston Hall

Trinity Rd, Birmingham B6 6JD

Any questions before class?

If you have any questions regarding our masterclasses the give us a call on 0161 872 1361 or email masterclass@redcmarketing.com


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