Clever segmentation


JD Williams tasked us with tackling their customer data segments to identify ways in which we can make our communications more relevant for their target segments.
The aim was to boost engagement and re-engage customers who had not bought from the brand recently.


We identified a number of communication tools, which we could utilise to achieve these goals. We highlighted a need to raise awareness of the multiple departmental offering that is available at JD Williams in order to build brand loyalty.

We sent a cross department one-piece mailer to the top file of online and offline customers who had browsed but not bought recently. The campaign idea was for the mailer to last 7 days with a different offer and discount code available each day.


Over the 7 days, we had close to 7,000 responders to the paper mailing campaign of the original 423,000 packs that were sent out. The campaign proved so successful for JD Williams, that it was then extended via telemarketing for another week and a half, this received over 4,000 responders.