Your Key to Better Direct Mail

Over 20+ years, Red C has developed thousands of winning direct mail promotions. In this free guide, we explain The Direct Mail Fallout Model, a simple tool you can use to make your mailings more responsive and profitable.

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How to make headlines magnetic

Are people drawn powerlessly to your headlines? Or are your words repelling who you want to reach? Our free guide looks at why headlines are important, how they work, and 9 ways you can make yours more magnetic.

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Front cover of How to make headlines magnetic

Adventures in travel marketing

We have over two decades of experience uplifting results for travel brands big and small including Eurostar, Hoseasons, Forest Holidays, Jet2holidays and Your Co-op Travel.

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Copywriting for email

Capture Attention, Sustain Interest and Encourage Action

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This is Red C

If you want marketing that moves your customers and delivers real numbers for you, then you’re come to the right place.

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Email WOW Book | Black Friday

As Black Friday is a pretty email-tastic time of year, we thought we'd mark the occasion with a special edition of the Email WOW Book, all packed with pages and pages of - you guessed it - Black Friday emails from brands both big and small.

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The Sustainability Email WOW Book

Our latest Email WOW Book celebrates brands that are pushing the sustainability message. We also reveal what impact your emails might be having on the environment, and what steps you can take to cut your carbon footprint.

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Lifting the lid on a successful email programme

In 2017, Dulux Decorator Centre attended a Red C Email Marketing Masterclass. Impressed with what they saw, they invited Red C to audit their monthly email programme, which was underperforming. This is the story of our ongoing relationship with Dulux Decorator Centre, and the wider AkzoNobel group.

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Email WOW Book

Be inspired by our latest selection of emails that have made us say "WOW”. From gamification to mobile first design, in our new book, we explore some of the hottest email trends and best practices that are hitting inboxes this year.

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Winning new guests with digital channels

In October 2010, the Sprint Pub Company approached Red C for help in marketing its 850-strong pub estate to the growing numbers of potential guests searching online for local dining options. Find out how we used PPC, SEO and content marketing to deliver on their objectives.

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Uncover The Secret Life of Search today

Based on eye tracking over 400 search journeys across more than 40 search terms, this unique new white paper will arm you with invaluable insight to help you understand and exploit consumer search behaviour.