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Exceptional content is so much more than just words on a page. In a world saturated with online content, competition is cutthroat, and to stand out from the crowd your content needs to tell a story that is compelling, original and focused. A story that sells.

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Not only do we know how to spin a great narrative, we know how to turn that into clickthroughs, page views and – most importantly – sales.

Our content marketing services blend copywriting genius with show-stopping design, razor-sharp data analysis and social media magic. With all these elements in place, we’ll tell shareable stories that connect with your customers across web, social and email. And the best part? It gets results.

Optimised, with oodles of charm

SEO-optimisation done badly can lead to content that is bland, flat and unnatural. Fortunately, we do it well. We never use lazy techniques like keyword-stuffing that lead to robotic copy and poor search rankings. Instead, we are scrupulous about implementing SEO best practice, to help your content shoot towards the top of search results without sacrificing quality.

Keeping every audience captivated

Not all types of content are right for all markets. Some audiences respond best to visual content like infographics; others can only be won over by a sharp, shareable advertorial, a sponsored blog post or a pithy social media status. Maybe your audience prefers content delivered straight to their inbox in the form of a newsletter, marketing email or press release. Maybe they need all those things and more.

Whatever works for them, we’ll find out – and then we’ll make it work for you.

Selco Builders Warehouse building content for success

The brief

We challenged ourselves to create a content hub for Selco Builders Warehouse with the aim of improving SEO, as well as promoting Selco’s range and expertise in the building trade.

Our approach

Selco Builders Warehouse sells over 15,000 in-branch products (pretty much everything you need to build a house a from scratch, apparently!), from hundreds of trusted brands. Red C wanted to use content marketing to both highlight the range and showcase Selco’s expertise to tradesmen. Our idea was to create a ‘project hub’ that tradesmen could visit to get useful information on common building projects. The first of these was the Selco Bathroom Installation Project hub.

The hub covers all stages of bathroom projects from planning and plumbing, through to electrics and tiling – offering helpful guidance through how-to videos, imagery and checklists, as well as the latest bathroom industry news and FAQs. The aim is to improve SEO by offering tradesmen content they will return to time and time again, increasing brand awareness and ultimately driving sales of Selco products.


The Selco Bathroom Installation Project hub went live in March 2018 and will be promoted across social media, email, in-store and web.

Take a bite of our content cookie

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to content marketing. That’s why we’ve broken it down for you with our content cookie, a smart tool to help you make your content irresistible. As well as the cookie, we’ve also got a selection of other games designed to help you see content from a new angle.

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