How eye tracking gives you insight and clarity

Want to figure out what grabs your clients’ attention? It’s all in the eyes.
Our amazing eye-tracking software – officially named Tobii T60 XL, though we just call him Eddie – is a gamechanger. He will tell you precisely which bits of your marketing materials are working, and which ones aren’t. From emails to social media to direct mail, Eddie delivers invaluable insight, allowing you to design more intelligent marketing campaigns and, in turn, elevate your results.

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The Secret Life of Search

Findings from our eye tracking study REVEALED

An eye-opening approach to refining your creative

If theatre is all about bums on seats, marketing is all about eyes on message. But just because somebody is sitting in a theatre, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re engrossed in the performance, and it’s the same with your advertising. Yes, there are 1,000 eyes on your campaign, but how do you know it they’re really engaged? And what exactly about your message draws their attention?

Our eye-tracking software measures exactly how subjects interact with your advertising; what elements draw them in, what keeps their attention and what paths they take through a campaign. Knowing this means you can then hone or even redesign your marketing to boost engagement and clickthrough rates.

Bringing your campaign into focus

Eye tracking works by taking a test subject, showing them your marketing – whether it’s a new website, a direct mail campaign or an email newsletter – and then tracking their eye movement while they are busy engaging with it.

Near-infrared illuminators project reflective patterns onto the cornea of their eyes, allowing us to measure their general scanning, gaze and fixation. That tells us which parts of the campaign grab their attention. And which bits don’t.

We also often conduct post-viewing interviews to give us even more insight.

Meet Eddie, our eye-tracking guru

Gone are the days of big, cumbersome, head-mounted eyesores – Eddie is a state-of-the-art, streamlined, eye-tracking guru. A small, single unit and large HD display means users can see your campaigns in comfort, with full freedom of movement and without any distractions, giving us the most natural results.

The results can be packaged up any way you like. We can show you results back on a video, convert the tracking into animated heat maps showing visual pathways and hotspots, or crunch it all up into raw statistical data. Or all three.

Fancy seeing how Eddie can boost your emails, up your Twitter engagements and add clicks to your PPC? Then use our smart tool below to estimate costs

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