A brand is only as good as its website

It’s not too strong a statement to say that in the current marketing landscape, a brand is its website. Sure, plenty of other factors contribute to how your brand is perceived; and you can always pick up some attention via social media, email and offline channels. But none of that will matter if your website doesn’t impress.

We build websites that innovate and captivate

These days, customers can afford to be fickle. If your website can’t hold their attention, they’ll be off before you can even introduce them to your fantastic product line. And they won’t even look back.

Having a stand-out product or service isn’t enough; you need seamless navigation, enticing design and compelling content. And if you’re selling directly through your website, you’re also going to want an online store so straightforward a toddler could use it.

Let us build your website and you can be sure of having all of that and more. Our clients will happily confirm that we know what it takes to get that all-important online edge. After all, we’ve done it for them.

It starts with an insight

For your website to be truly effective, it needs to serve your specific needs and talk directly to your target customers.

That’s why we never write so much as a line of code before we’ve thoroughly researched your market, your goals and your competition. We’ll begin by presenting you with a fully sourced set of insights that will support the direction we propose taking.

Your customers should be at the heart of your site. And by combining painstaking research with years of UX expertise, we’ll put them there.

We’ve got it all – and so can you

An effective website needs to have beauty and brains. Our designers, developers and copywriters will work together to bring you the full package. All the services you need for a smart, straightforward and totally stunning website can be found under the Red C roof.

Not only can we build you a website that’s a match made in heaven for your brand, we can roll the same look, voice and message out across as many channels as you want.

For a truly integrated approach, talk to us about designing a special package of marketing services just for your brand. Find out more about what we do, think about your goals – then pick the bits you want and leave the bits you don’t. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for you.

Reactive and responsive

You need to meet customers where they are – and now more than ever, they’re on mobile.

That’s why our web designs are fully responsive, and are built to be as sleek and effective on a phone as they are on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

So you can rest assured that however your customers view your site, they’re going to find it easy on the eye, and easy to navigate.

A new website to capture
valuable function enquiries

Many of the pubs within the Greene King estate have excellent meeting and function room facilities, and already host events, celebrations and special occasions for those ‘in the know’.

But they had barely a mention on the website, and were reliant on word of mouth. Greene King felt this was a missed opportunity, and commissioned Red C to build a website that would function independently of the pub brand, and fully promote the function room facilities.

The trial launch in 2014 featured just 30 pubs in London, but the success was such that over 100 pubs from all over the country are now featured, and the site is capturing hundreds of valuable enquiries every month and ranking high in local and national search results.

How eye tracking can elevate your website

Eye tracking is brilliant for websites. It helps you to figure out the usability and effectiveness of your existing site or provide recommendations for a new web design. We can even test your old and new website side by side, so you can see if your latest design is delivering the goods. As well as eye tracking, we’ll also study user facial expressions, so you’ll pick up on any confusion, frustration or joy.


Eye Tracking

With their help, we have transformed all our of direct marketing campaigns

Katherine Timms

Senior Direct Marketing Manager

Royal London

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