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The saying goes that while most agencies want to be creative, whatever that means, direct agencies just want to be rich. Marketing pros have long understood that direct marketing is what you do when you’re serious about selling. You can test it, track it, and if you do it right it’ll always make you money. You’ve just got to know what works.

We are direct mail champions

There is simply no other channel that can reach your customers with the immediacy of direct mail. No matter what you sell, direct mail can increase your sales and your profits.

We help you go back to basics, combining copy that actually persuades and layouts that command attention, to create a brand experience that really converts.

Uplifting results with direct copywriting

Few agencies seem to bother with copywriters these days. After all, anybody can write, right? Well, that depends. We work with clients who value copywriting as an investment. We beat banker packs with it, improve conversion rates with it, attract new customers and increase order values with it. There’s no magic formula, just years of testing, studying and refining, all with one aim in mind – uplifting results.

Turning catalogues into valuable content

Your online store makes shopping more convenient – but it doesn’t make for a great browsing experience. We help you re-evaluate and reinvigorate your catalogue as a brand asset… rich content that both presents your brand story and provides a more valuable shopping experience.

How eye tracking can
polish your direct mail

Don’t let anybody tell you print media is dead. From catalogues to brochures, leaflets to flyers, it’s a pivotal part of any marketing strategy. Our eye tracker recognises that design techniques are completely different for print and offers insight on the right balance of copy and imagery, the positioning of elements to optimise attention and how page viewing patterns affect buying behaviour.

Eye Tracking

Helping ResponseTap open doors

ResponseTap might be the UK’s market leader in Call Intelligence, but that doesn’t mean they’re resting on their laurels. Quite the opposite.

Their brief to us was simple “how do you get busy agency account handlers to recommend yet another martech supplier to their clients? That was the question ResponseTap wanted Red C to answer.

We figured agency people would be quick to spot a tool that could give them an obvious competitive advantage. Nevertheless we recognised that we were basically asking them to do us a favour. So we decided to reframe our request as an opportunity and appeal to their self-interest.

We devised a competition, with a prize that had real desirability – a luxurious stay for two at one of Mayfair’s finest boutique hotels. Something you might not buy for yourself, but if someone treated you to it, you’d be pretty chuffed.

We used direct mail to bring the proposition to life. Our pack contained a die-cut ‘do not disturb’ door hanger, a hotel room key-card and a simple lead message: open a door for us and we could open a very special door for you.

Supporting copy offered compelling reasons why the recipient should consider recommending Call Intelligence to their clients. But we didn’t just state the product benefits. Again, we appealed to the reader’s self-interest, by including a ‘killer command’ to ‘make yourself a hero’.









The results for this campaign were outstanding. We were mailing people cold and asking them to do something pretty high-risk: recommend a company you’ve probably never heard of, to one of your clients. We contacted 1,500 agency account handlers via direct mail and email. From this activity we generated 97 inbound referrals. That’s 6.46% response rate in cold B2B direct mail – and a great number of warm new leads.

But the good news didn’t stop there. Of the inbound referrals generated, 32 went on to become ResponseTap clients!

The fact we achieved the results we did is testament to Red C’s application of strategic nous and strong creativity. We turned a big ask into a tantalising opportunity, by appealing to what we know would motivate people.

We are direct mail crowd-pleasers

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