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The saying goes that while most agencies want to be creative, whatever that means, direct agencies just want to be rich. Marketing pros have long understood that direct marketing is what you do when you’re serious about selling. You can test it, track it, and if you do it right it’ll always make you money. You’ve just got to know what works.

We are direct mail champions

There is simply no other channel that can reach your customers with the immediacy of direct mail. No matter what you sell, direct mail can increase your sales and your profits.

We help you go back to basics, combining copy that actually persuades and layouts that command attention, to create a brand experience that really converts.

Uplifting results with direct copywriting

Few agencies seem to bother with copywriters these days. After all, anybody can write, right? Well, that depends. We work with clients who value copywriting as an investment. We beat banker packs with it, improve conversion rates with it, attract new customers and increase order values with it. There’s no magic formula, just years of testing, studying and refining, all with one aim in mind – uplifting results.

Turning catalogues into valuable content

Your online store makes shopping more convenient – but it doesn’t make for a great browsing experience. We help you re-evaluate and reinvigorate your catalogue as a brand asset… rich content that both presents your brand story and provides a more valuable shopping experience.

How eye tracking can
polish your direct mail

Don’t let anybody tell you print media is dead. From catalogues to brochures, leaflets to flyers, it’s a pivotal part of any marketing strategy. Our eye tracker recognises that design techniques are completely different for print and offers insight on the right balance of copy and imagery, the positioning of elements to optimise attention and how page viewing patterns affect buying behaviour.

Eye Tracking

Royal London’s banker pack beaten

At the start of summer 2016, we were pleased to hear from the UK’s largest mutual life and pensions company, Royal London. They dared us to improve their direct mailings and, seeing as we are experts in the field, we rose to the challenge. A new concept was needed to inject some life into the packs and make best use of their iconic branding. A test was proposed of a ‘challenger pack’ versus the control; the game was on.

Our best creatives began conception. Ideas were batted around on how to use our expertise and make the most of what Royal London has to offer. Adhering to the comprehensive brand guidelines from the client, a major reshuffle of the ‘look and feel’ took place. We added in direct marketing techniques that had been overlooked- adding personalisation and strong call to actions the letter looked like a younger Pierce Brosnan: classic but eye catching. After pitching to the client and slight alterations we got the show on the road. The letter was sent to over 50k people and we are delighted with the results so far!

The new pack has uplifted sales volumes by 32% with an increase seen in: postal sales, telephone sales and online sales against the control. Royal London has also seen more requests for their enquiry packs that provide the customer with more information on the products potentially leading to further sales. A sub-objective was to reduce the cost of the pack and we managed to meet this through application of logical formatting to reduce the cost by 1p per pack. Senior Direct Marketing Manager (Existing customers), Katherine Timms praised “Positive news all round!”

A great success for both, us, and our new client! We are excited about what the future holds for this new relationship and look forward to exceeding expectations on upcoming objectives.

We are direct mail crowd-pleasers

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