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Why are more and more digital brands turning to direct mail to improve marketing results? Because no other channel can connect your customer to your brand in such a tangible, physical way. You can test it, track it, and if you do it right it’ll always make you money. And we can show you how it works.

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Working across retention & acquisition

Over the years we’ve used direct mail to help brands retain customers and create real growth by persuading those customers to spend more.

We also use mail to drive the acquisition of new customers through hard-hitting and compelling propositions.

Targeting consumers & companies

With over 25 years’ experience, there are very few sectors we haven’t worked across.

We’ve produced effective direct mail that generated real results for both B2B and B2C brands.

Your key to better
Direct Mail

In this FREE GUIDE, Red C unveils The Direct Mail Fallout Model, a simple tool you can use to create profitable direct mail.

Based on Red C’s extensive studies into how consumers open, read and digest direct mail, The Direct Mail Fallout Model provides you with time-proven tactics for developing winning direct mail.

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Uplifting results with copy

Few agencies seem to bother with copywriters these days. After all, anybody can write, right? Well, that depends. We work with clients who value copywriting as an investment. We beat banker packs with it, improve conversion rates with it, attract new customers and increase order values with it. There’s no magic formula, just years of testing, studying and refining, all with one aim in mind – uplifting results.

Simple to complex solutions

Our direct mail relationships often start with evaluating current activity – what’s working and what’s not. Sometimes, fresh eyes can make all the difference.

We work with brands to produce powerful letters and one-piece mailers, but if the brief requires, we can also create 3D mailings with real stand-out.

Every brief is different, and our response is always bespoke.


Virtual Midweek Masterclass | Making direct mail work

We outline the steps required to plan and implement a successful direct mail campaign. From formats, to segmentation to the importance of testing.

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Virtual Midweek Masterclass | How to make direct mail sing

We outline the process for creating effective and engaging direct mail using persuasive copywriting tips.

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Some of our direct mail success stories

  • Direct mail testing for Your Co-op Travel

    For the Autumn 2023 Edition of Your Co-op Travel magazine, we ran a direct mail test to see if a physical or digital copy of the magazine would…

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  • Direct Mail success for Forest Holidays

    The turn of the year is always vital for travel companies, and  Forest Holidays asked Red C to produce an attractive direct mailpack to drive bookings by reactivating lapsed customers…

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  • Direct Mail Drives Bookings for Ramblers Walking Holidays

    In 2021, as the world began to open up for travel, Ramblers Walking Holidays wanted to find a more cost-effective way to stimulate bookings using direct mail. A new digital…

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  • Making more of Your Co-op Travel

    With travel bans lifted across the world, and more and more people starting to planning holidays again, our client felt the time was right to whet the appetite of their…

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  • The Key to harder working direct mail

    Find out how we were challenged to take on a well established banker pack for Key Group and came out on top!

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  • Topping up sales for Royal London

    Find out how Red C produced a 174% uplift in sales for Royal London through a simple piece of hardworking direct mail. As you'll see the results were spectacularly good!

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See our direct mail success stories

The whole team have been a joy to work with.

Cathy Couplan

CRM Strategy and Creative Manager

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