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Online isn’t everything. Sometimes you need to take your message to traditional channels for it to resonate. At Red C, we have over 20 years’ experience of making TV and radio ads that get big results. We’ve worked on everything from fashion, retail and financial services to healthcare. Our long list of very satisfied TV and radio clients includes brands as varied as JD Williams, FGH, BUPA and Bensons for Beds.
And it could include you.

A new advertising tradition

There’s a tendency to dismiss TV and radio advertising as old-fashioned, when the truth is that its purpose has simply evolved.

Nowadays, this type of advertising is a scalpel, not a hammer. It’s a precision tool that can bring your brand to customers you would struggle to reach online. It can be the cherry on top of a broader marketing strategy that also includes digital channels. And it can target viewers and listeners who tune into programmes that are a perfect match with your brand.

But knowing how to make the most of TV and radio isn’t something that comes naturally. It’s an exact science, and we’re here to help.

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Real vision, real results   

It might be that your interest in TV or radio advertising is just the tiniest spark at the moment. Talk it through with us and we can help you work out if these platforms are right for your brand. If they are, we can take that spark and use it to fuel something much bigger.

With Red C, your idle advertising daydreams will be transformed into a big, bold and beautifully on-brand campaign quicker than you can say “ROI”.

From the storyboard to the script to the final cut and beyond, we have the vision, the technical expertise and the industry know-how to get your project over the finish line and start bringing in serious sales.

See the bigger picture

It might be that TV or radio advertising is all your brand needs to reach the right eyes and ears. But for some, it’s just one part of a much wider puzzle. When all the pieces fit together, your targets will suddenly seem a lot less distant.

We can offer TV and radio advertising services as part of a comprehensive package of marketing services specially designed for your brand. Whether you’re looking for help with web design, SEO, email marketing, direct mail or a little bit of everything, we have the best people for the job.

Directing DRTV that delivers for Fashion World

After a short break from TV in AW17, it was our job to help Fashion World make a big impression on their return to our screens for SS18. We were asked to produce a concept that would translate through TV, digital channels and press.

A key element of the brief was to create a campaign that would drive awareness and action for the new credit proposition – 30% off your first credit order and 0% interest. This is the strongest credit offer in Fashion World history!

We presented two concepts to the Fashion World team that would bring their ‘Make it Happen’ proposition to life.

The chosen idea centered around the everyday life of a busy, working mum. We split the ad into three scenes – Girls’ night, Away days and Me time – which highlighted the depth of range available at Fashion World. Plus, to get across the message that Fashion World are here for the whole family, we chose to cast a family, consisting of mum, daughter and son.

The magenta circle, Fashion World’s recurring motif, was seen throughout the ad to strengthen the brand identity. We used this as our ownable call to action, which can be seen as a button on the tablet featured, inviting customers to ‘Make it Happen’.

How eye tracking can upgrade your TV Ads

Advertising on television is a big investment, with a typical TV ad costing from £25,000 to £250,000. Yikes. Eye tracking your ads may cost a little extra, but it can save you plenty more. That’s because it shows you how your messages and CTAs are being absorbed and (thanks to post-viewing interviews) recalled by users. We’ll even see how your ads compare to your competitor’s.


Eye Tracking

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